Forex Brokers Unprofitability – February 2021

February 10, 2021 at 08:02 PM

As the year 2020 has come to end, a lot of Forex brokers have updated their traders’ unprofitability numbers as required by the ESMA regulations. Even though these numbers have to be updated by Forex/ CFD brokers on a quarterly basis, not all regulated European brokers do that regularly. However, the vast majority of brokers already refreshed their risk warning, so we can finally check the updates. 

We suppose the percentage displayed by brokers includes the number of all losing accounts divided by the number of all accounts during the last 12 months, since it is only the middle of the first quarter. We have checked 20 companies. The reason why some companies publish losing accounts percentage and some don’t (or stop publishing) is due to companies leaving/entering ESMA jurisdiction.

We can see that the lowest percentage of losers is 50% (TriumphFX), while the maximum is 82.78% (TradeFW). However, it is not actually possible to get a meaningful and believable percentage value due to the distorted data published by brokers reporting a range instead of a single number and by brokers with not enough EU traders.

The list of 20 brokers and unprofitability of their retail traders (sorted in an ascending order):

EBH Forex 51.38%
Valbury Capital 68%
Saxo Bank 70%
Trade 360 70.33%
City index 73%
IG Markets 75%
CMC Markets76%
FXCM 76.31%
Plus500 76.4%
ETX Capital 76.42%
BDSwiss 78.8% 79%
Infinox 82.44%
TradeFW 82.78%

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