Baxter FX Review among others presenting detailed research of broker’s offering accompanied by its check of license. Here at 55brokers we support your choice and giving a clear comparison between trading conditions.

What is Baxter FX?

Baxter FX is an Australia based broker, a company specialized in the currency markets that adhere to open the most competitive access to FX markets. Baxter FX was established as a technology group and what is interesting gives access to all the most popular ECNs in reverse bringing absolute flexibility within largest markets.

Indeed, Baxter systems were built under its own proprietary technology that proved its reliability and adaptively connected further to third-party platforms.

Baxter FX website

Baxter FX offers both solutions either for a proprietary trader or fund manager in need to use the most liquid multibank platform for trading. What is absolutely unique at Baxter FX is that you may open one clearing account and connect it to various platforms, which means buying at one, selling through another platform.

Baxter FX provides execution through ECN, No Dealing Desk model that performs real time clearing with no dealer intervention delivered with no mark-ups based on commission only, high speeds and low latency.

Baxter FX trading solutions

Nevertheless, to understand offering in a detail you should always check the most important information of the broker’s proposal. In this purpose this review covers the following highlights:

Is Baxter FX safe or a scam?

To trade through a safe trading environment is crucial to choose an only regulated broker with a license from a reputable authority that ensures the safety of funds and transparency of the trading environment.  In fact, only well regulated brokers can offer so, as authority constantly oversees broker’s operation and audit its service on a daily basis, while in case of any violation will be heavily fined.

Baxter FX is an ASIC (Australia) authorized broker which complies with the local regulations and set its operational standard in accordance to laws, you may learn more why trade with ASIC regulated brokers by the link.

Baxter FX License

In simple words, ASIC regulation as a world leading authority for Forex and trading industry, means all client funds are kept in segregated accounts so the funds can’t be used for any other purpose. Also, Baxter FX complies with strict policies in regards to operation, payments and trading transactions ensuring trustable operation.

Baxter FX Trading Platforms

So the trading process with Baxter FX goes directly through your account, while you choose each ECN you want to trade, so then you use either platform of your choice to execute ether GUI or API accounts. BAXTER-FX Clearing recently offers Currenex, Hotspot and FxAll and always looking to add more platforms so to offer traders what they need.

Baxter FX platform

Therefore, all your trades consolidated in one account and are visible in your clearing portal where all margins and positions may be checked. Meaning, Baxter FX web portal connects all your trader from different platforms via its STP connectivity allowing to execute in various platforms simultaneously and manage positions from one single place.

The software connected to the platform of your choice resulting in the fastest possible execution, as well as endless possibilities for your tech development in any aspect in reverse bringing full freedom over your trading management.

However, Baxter FX does not provide industry standard MetaTrader4, yet you may ask Baxter-FX so they may provide a platform of your interest, which is truly great.

Baxter FXclearing

What are Baxter FX Costs and Fees?

Further on within our Baxter FX Review, there are offered two account styles Treasure Style and Futures Style where each of them features a different approach to clearing and reporting. Futures Style each currency is considered as distinct instruments so trade is performed by an offsetting trade in the same currency. So, the Treasure style trades are decomposed of two positions while one behaves in respect to a single currency component. These diverse allows you to take better control over the positions you take and even bring better exposure to the instrument fluctuations. Although, for corporate clients or managers, Baxter FX offers extensive PAMM accounts, with a unique solution for the management of multiple accounts simultaneously.

Baxter FX trading fees

Baxter FX spreads and commission

As for the trading costs, Baxter FX operates a 0 pip spread basis, with operation costs built into the commission or fees. There are two types of fees paid to Baxter FX, which are divided to Execution Fees and Clearing Fees. So the fee is depending on which platform you use for execution, as well what is the amount traded while bigger size bringing better trading costs, see example above. Nevertheless, Baxter FX commission is considered a good offering among the industry, especially keeping in mind its great exposure to liquidity. As well you may compare fees to another popular broker Pepperstone.

Baxter FX Leverage

While trading with Baxter FX you are able to operate with powerful tool leverage, therefore the possibility to increase potential gains and multiple initial balance in a curtail number.

It means that trading with Baxter FX you are able to use high leverage levels like 1:200 or even 1:400 for some instruments comparing to your initial balance since Australian regulation ASIC still allows these ratios to be used. Yet, learn how to use leverage correctly, as leverage may increase your potential loses as well.

What Deposits and Withdrawals Baxter FX use?

Baxter FX account, once open, will allow you to take over the control for money transfers, monitor and management of your account performance. Even Baxter FX does not offer to many payment methods, including only Bank Wire Transfer, you may choose your base currency so that the money transactions will be convenient for you.

Baxter FX minimum deposit

As for the minimum deposit amount, the minimum amount is $50,000 which is eventually almost unreachable for beginning traders. So together with a comprehensive trading offering which we already saw in our Baxter FX Review, it is obvious this broker is a choice for high-volume traders and professionals.

Baxter FX account funding

Baxter FX withdrawal fee

Even though Baxter FX does not mention in terms of fees while transferring money to or from the trading account, it is always good to check directly with the payment provider in case any fees are waived. Indeed, transactions depending on many factors and it is necessary to check laws according to your jurisdiction.

Conclusion on Baxter FX

In our Baxter FX Review we saw a company that offers a truly progressive and very interesting opportunity for a trader of bigger size and professionals. In case you are a beginning trader, you better choose from other brokers more suitable for your level.

But for its niche, Baxter FX trading opportunity truly stands beyond expectations with its great one account feature and a possibility to execute on different platforms simultaneously, therefore spread our gains, as well as great commission which is rather very competitive among the industry. And of course, all accompanied with a fully regulated environment protecting your investment from the beginning and throughout all process.

Nevertheless, we would be glad to know your personal opinion about Baxter FX, so share your experience in the comment area below, or ask us for some additional information.

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