What do traders and footballers have in common?

May 24, 2021 at 09:45 PM

Proper preparation and the right psychological mindset are some of the traits that online traders and footballers have in common! HotForex welcomes you to discover all their shared principles in this 8-step guide for improving your trading skills:  

Step 1: Education is a must

Both football players and traders can’t do their job properly without knowing all the rules, without understanding the process. The education gives them all the knowledge they need to be successful in what they do. 

Step 2: Practice your skills

Just as football team getting ready for the big game by training and playing non-stop to master their skills, same the traders should put their knowledge in work and refine their skills while trading. 

Step 3: Create a strategy

Without a proper strategy no team ever would win a game. Both football players and traders must be prepared with a strategy that will lead them to success. 

Step 4: Psychological control

Just as the football matches, financial markets are fast paced. With the right approach and right psychology players and traders know when to make a move and when to wait to get the best shot. 

Step 5: Persistence

Persistence is the one thing winners have in common. It helps them through the hard times, overcome all the obstacles no matter if it’s a sudden market move or a red card during the game.

Step 6: Good defence

Both traders and football players must be prepared for unpredictable. They are always ready to put what they have learned into practice, be ready to adapt and strike.

Step 7: Commitment to excellence

Just like football, trading requires a commitment to time and maximum effort on their way to success.

Step 8: Keep looking ahead

HotForex and PSG never stop at what they have reached and always aim for the bigger highs, because the next match or trade should always be the best.

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