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By Sudhir Meshram, from India, January 7, 2022 at 11:53 AM This is a fake forex… This is a fake forex broker company. 1) Company’s excecutivs get your account made by making false promises. They Promises 100% deposite bonus. But when you earn by trading. And when you withdraw, then it minus from your invested amount. They do not minus from your profit and as much as you withdraw, they also minus your bonus. You cannot take the withdrawal yourself. You have to completely depend on your account manager. Even if everything is fine, they do not give withdrawal. They torture you mentally in the name of process. Your emails are not responded to immediately. Even the company’s support system does not respond to your emails. The tradeifx company is not licensed by any reliable official authority. I am very upset with tradeifx company. A week ago I placed a $200 withdrawal request, still I haven’t received the withdrawal. Very bad, lousy and fake company. It is better to invest money and time by investing in tradeifx company, you can donate to someone, at least you will get peace of mind. All mobile number of this company is switched off now. Since two months not any reply from account manager.

Answer: Hi Sudhir Meshram,

Unfortunately, you are completely right, TradeIFX is not a legit broker and suspected to be a scam. According to its website, the broker isolated in London, UK, however they do not provide a detailed address as they simply do not want to reveal the actual address (which is very possible is not in the UK). We researched for a British license of this broker, but found none, so it is another proof your funds will be at risk as TradeIFX is unregulated.

We never advise trading with a non-licensed broker, since the financial investment service they deliver is not trustable. The reason is simple, the broker may promise the most ever competitive trading conditions or the trading environment, yet the trader has no any guarantee from the official entities that oversee the Forex industry. Thus the engagement to trading with such a companies means the trader will believe only on the broker’s words, and of course, it is a high risk.

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