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By Baseke, from Estonia, July 14, 2019 at 04:55 PM

I made an initial desposit,in order to get a decline, but my money transfer went through anyway...The person told me that to regain my money, I had to sign a document of bonus and terms, which I did in full panic. Above on that I've sent all the required documents to be fully verified so I could be refund. I let them know that I've changed my mind and did not longer wish to trade, that's when he was getting angry and agressive, in other words the only way to had my money back was by trading. I tried to withdraw my money, but it is impossible as I am stucked with the bonus and terms document I(had to) signed. So now I have money which I can NOT have access to and they are forcing me to trade altough they know I do not want to. What can I do? Help me please.

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Answer: Hi Baseke,

Unfortunately, the chance of getting your money back is low, as the broker is not regulated. It is illegal for a broker to hold your money and reject the withdrawals. 

 We advise you to try and report your local police as well as the police of Estonia. You can check our full InvestTeck review here. 

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