Northern Sea broker withdrawal problem

By ahmet uysal, from China, April 27, 2021 at 09:42 PM

Good work. I registered on the site * * through a Korean friend. This site was introduced to me by my friend as an institution that aims to make money for its customers by trading in the market (Forex market). As a member of this site, I started trading with a bitcoin transfer of about $ 303. My transactions went very well. I wanted to make a withdrawal. The agency told me that I have to pay 10% tax on your earnings as per Hongkong monetary authority rules. I have paid this tax. They didn't invest my money. As I win, tell me that I was cheating and getting inside information (how in international markets? If I am going to get information, now) they froze my account by stating that I need to make a 10% security payment again. I paid this money again and wrote that I wanted to completely withdraw my money from the platform and the institution asked me to pay 10% tax. I also paid this tax. Again, they asked me to freeze my account and pay a 10% penalty, and they stated that I had received information from inside. I also paid this fine. AGAIN they frozen my account. I still haven't withdrawn my money. I am communicating with this institution only by mail. Where can we complain about this institution. Can you help me. I am in a very difficult situation. 

  • Northern Sea Broker Withdrawal Problem
  • Northern Sea Broker Withdrawal Problem
  • Northern Sea Broker Withdrawal Problem
  • Northern Sea Broker Withdrawal Problem
Answer: Hi ahmet uysal,

Northern Sea broker claims to be registered headquarters in Hong Kong and operates multiple businesses in different regions of Asia. However, this broker does not provide any information about its regulation, address, contact details etc. They also provide the minimum information about trading conditions and terms & condition do not explain anything, so for the beginner traders it is not clear what they are getting into. All these facts are just red flags showing the company is NOT regulated and should be avoided.

Unfortunately, there is a small chance of getting your money back. We would advise you to stop investing more, stop paying any “taxes” or anything else they will tell you just to get more of your money. You can report about this issue to your local financial regulator in Hong Kong.

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  1. Merhaba arkadaşlar aynı durum bende de var.ama hiç vergi ödemesi yapmadım.durumu honkong para oteritesine bildirdim böyle bir verginin olmadığını söylediler.daha önce kazandığınız parayı çekebildiniz mi?

  2. Aynı sorunu ben ve arkadaşlarım da yaşadı hong kong yerel polisine şikayet ettim gerekli incelemeler yapilcak denildi

  3. Hi Ahmet uysal,
    I have same problem. Did you get a solution about this issue? If you have please help me.

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