Very High Commission Fees with Coinifyfxmarket

By Melig928, from United States, January 20, 2021 at 05:49 PM

I met this lady on Instagram at manifesting_jessica_1 that’s her username and I was thrilled by what she was showing I could gain and I decided to contact her about investing in binary options trading which she said is legal.I know I should’ve read about it more. I bought Bitcoin through local bitcoins from zelle for $300 the trade started and it looked good. I was in starter and it was suppose to be 7 days then after that she said in order for me to withdraw I would need to upgrade to silver for $2,200 . I advised her that I don’t have that kind of money sitting around and why she didn’t say that in the beginning. In hopes of getting my money out. I cut a deal with her to pay half of the amount for silver upgrade and the trade continued on rising to $14k. Now the trade is complete and the company sent an email to provide my bank details and pay a 15%-20%commission fee before I can withdraw the money and it can’t come from my profit which is $2,810.00 total. My question is how do I go making the withdrawal and is it a scam?

  • Very High Commission Fees With Coinifyfxmarket
Answer: Hi Melig928,

COINIFYFXMARKET is an unregulated Forex, binary options and crypto broker, or at least it doesn’t seem to be regulated and does not provide any legal information about its authorisation. The broker claims to be located in the UK, however, there is no mentions of this company in the UK’s FCA register.

Also, investing and trading binary options in the US is illegal and forbidden, especially when it comes to the company with no license at all. Before investing with any broker you need to check the trading conditions and all the possible fees for depositing and withdrawing the funds, as you sign up for whatever they say.

Unfortunately, in your case there is a small chance of taking your money back and most probably they will keep on asking for more, that’s the typical scheme for such brokers. We would advise you to report this issues to your local financial regulator.

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