Sunny Forex suspected scam

By Bill Hershman, from United States, September 14, 2021 at 12:28 PM

Please provide any and all contact information for Sunny Forex on the MT5 platform. Thank you 

Answer: Hi Bill Hershman,

Sunny Global claims to be a leading provider of financial services with head offices in the HK. However, we could not find any information about its registration with the Hong Kong financial regulator – Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

Moreover, broker’s website is literally has identical interface as another fraud company Ring Financial. You can compare the screenshots.

We highly recommend to stay away from Sunny Global as it does not seem to be a reliable company.

23 responses to “Sunny Forex suspected scam”

  1. Yes I have a deposit I Sunny Financial and I cannot withdraw my money unless I pay 30% of taxes, for sure it’s a scamm, I will never deposit it to withdraw my money, I have been mención this in different websites.
    They don’t respond anything, just I need to deposit the 30% of taxes.
    I have much more information if yoy want me to send it to you by mail.

    • I am in a similar situation,

      Sunny Forex is not allowing me to withdraw funds from my trading account

      Please share your experience!!!

      • This outfit is a big scam! they freeze your account’s and then tell you you have to send them more money to unfreeze your account and then, they will not answer your email requests to withdraw your funds. I talked to the FBI and they wouldn’t help me recover my money!

  2. My experience is different from yours. I also think that as a new investor, I use sunny to be very reliable. And I always withdraw money from sunny to pay my bill.

  3. Unbelievable, why is your account blocked? You should lift the freeze as soon as possible. If your account is frozen, you will definitely not be able to withdraw money.
    My stock account has been frozen and no withdrawals are allowed. But I provided the materials they needed, and after paying some fees, my stock account was unfrozen.

  4. Jhon I am sure you work or you are part of the scamm, it is clear you cannot withdraw money from this scamm company

  5. Hello, do you think it is legitimate for Sunny to ask me for my personal data and address?
    This request was made to me, Sunny specifies, for the security of my account !!!

  6. Has anyone found out anything about sunny global and them stealing everyone’s money by freezing their accounts?

  7. I saw your comments, and your comments made me very worried about the funds in my sunny account. I withdrew all the funds. I was only charged a small fee. I think this is normal. You made me miss many trades and didn’t make a profit.I withdrew funds directly from my sunny management account.

  8. Yes I will agree for anyone that is looking for a firm are broker do not use sunny financial limited. They will take your money in a heart beat and screw you in the end.
    They have shut their page down on me now.
    But I see that I am in good company.

  9. I can not agree less. SunnyForex has not allowed me withdraw for over 5 months. I am sick and tired. I do not know what else to do.

  10. Jordan must be in on the scam. I have hired someone to recover the funds. Sunny is not responsive in any way.

    • Hello Johar, I have over $ 2 millions US dollars and Sunny financial never let me withdraw my money. Whenever I asked to withdraw they freeze my account and asked pay 80 thousand US dollars to unfreeze it. And after I paid the amount they said I cannot withdraw immediately. If I wanted to withdraw immediately I have pay another $60 thousand US dollars. This way, this waynI have paid over $ 400 thousand US dollars and they are not responding.
      I don’t know what to do.
      I lost all of my life savings and my borrowed lot of money from family and friends. I don’t know what to do now 😪😪😪

  11. Hello ,
    My Name is Kulbhushan Johar. I have been scammed by Sunny Financial services by 1.2 million us dollars. The total amount is still showing in the MT5. Is there any body can help in this regards. It was hard earned money.

    • Hello,
      I am in the same situation…..I have looked for a funds recovery firm but they all seem like scammers also……Finnaly I got in touch with a law firm from Miami and I’m working with them!
      Be carefull, my understanding is that 80% of the forex trading is scam and the recovery firms are sharks waiting for victims to prey on

  12. Please if you can tell us if you succeed in the outcome of the legal demand.
    I am working in several legal fronts.
    Let, s put these guys in jail.
    New attention FBI and orhers are putting in scamm, they detained several scammers later, one in Valencia Spain, another in Rusia.
    New rules are coming.
    Let us inform so we help each other.
    Now the web site can not get in, in my case they earesed it.

  13. I am also a victim and after several trades I have almost 60,000 USD in my account – but with the note NOT PAY.
    Why I just fell for another betray. I can’t believe it when the trades were actually made.

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