account manager regulation

By Robert, from Hungary, May 12, 2020 at 05:41 PM

Can you inform me that VIP Account Manager Mr. Gerald Pirker is regulated ??? 

  • Account Manager Regulation
Answer: Hi Robert,

We took a closer look and can say that Bliz FX is a not regulated offshore firm, so as its account managers. Blizfx, is a company registered in Commonwealth of Dominica. Dominica is notorious for its practically absent requirements and regulations.

Bliz FX doesn’t provide any regulatory or contact information on its website and we couldn’t find this kind of information elsewhere, which means it is not regulated by any reputable authority and is not allowed to offer its financial services. Therefore, the account managers who work for this firm are also not allowed to do that, since all the trading is done from the unregulated platform under the rules of this broker.

We would recommend you to stay away from this broker as well as its employees. If you are looking for a reliable firm to invest, check our list of the Regulated Brokers.

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