Scammers or real.

By Percy, from South Africa, February 28, 2020 at 09:45 AM

I opened an account with but i can’t withdraw they say i should add an additional fee to purchase a software to be able to withdraw from that account can you please check whether they are real trading company or scammers.

  • Scammers Or Real.
Answer: Hi Percy,

We took a closer look at 24fxlitetrade and it doesn’t seem to be a reliable and regulated entity. We have noticed a couple of discrepancies, as the different pages of the website display different contact details, UK, Canada and US locations. Also, the terms and conditions do not load from the website.

Although, the most important you should pay attention is the regulation/licensing of the broker. In case with 24fxlitetrade, owned and operated by the 24fxlitetrade LTD, it is not regulated by any regulator. We have checked the registers of the UK’s FCA and US regulators and could not find any information about this broker.

We recommend you refrain from investing more with 24fxlitetrade since it may just be another fraudulent move from their side. Try withdrawing small amounts from your balance first and, of course, report about this case to your regulatory authority.



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  1. Hi

    Can you please assist where can I report such an organisation such as 24fxlitetrade as I believe that they are not legit because I believe that they re registered in England as 24 EXPERT COIN LIMITED under registration number DEF6/11445991. I need to lodge complain against them with my lawyers in South Africa into a body that regulates them. Please help if you can

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