Is BulltonFX a scammer?

By Merton Pheiffer, from South Africa, August 10, 2021 at 06:52 AM

Good day, I have been approached by this company called BulltonFX who claims they are registered and regulated in the UK. The also have a certificate on their website, this stated Bull Trading Limited with a number 8335287. My research seems to direct me towards a scam / fraud company. Will you be able to confirm any of the above? 

  • Is BulltonFX A Scammer?
  • Is BulltonFX A Scammer?
  • Is BulltonFX A Scammer?
  • Is BulltonFX A Scammer?
Answer: Hi Merton Pheiffer,

Bulltonfx claims to be a regulated online trading platform. However, the information about its regulation is quite blurred. Despite the provided documents about the registration with the Companies House, it doesn’t mean the authorization of the Financial Conduct Authority. Companies House is the United Kingdom’s registrar of companies, it is not the regulator that approves licenses for the brokers in the UK. And, of course, there is no information about this broker in the UK’s FCA register.

We would recommend to stay away from this broker and choose from the properly Regulated companies.

3 responses to “Is BulltonFX a scammer?”

  1. This is a scam website.
    The certificate of incorporation (Bull Trading Ltd) on this website is mine, and is being illegally used to give these scammers credibility, the site has been reported to the authorities and companies house, and we are in the process of having shut down. It is a lengthy process, but in the meantime I wanted to warn everyone of what these people are up to.

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