scammed by Elite Trading

By Mike, from France, July 22, 2020 at 07:09 PM

I have been scammed by Elite Trading, out of €85,000. They keep on calling me (I don’t answer) and are causing me pain, heartache to my private life and including the relationship with my wife. They have change their website from to which is obviously suspicious as I guess they have been caught on their original site and need to change to continue scamming. They keep asking me for money and say I still we €20,000 and will be charged 0.3% interest per day, of course I will not pay and cannot as they have taken all my saving and I am in heavy debt with my bank. Anything you can do or recommend so that I will be able to recover some of my money will be great. Also they have never been given any withdrawal they promised, it was always refused with excuses? Many thanks Mike 

Answer: Hi Mike,

Unfortunately, Elite Trading is not regulated and the website has been suspended. You can check our full Elite Trading review.

There is a really small chance to get your money back from an unregulated broker, because it is not overseen by any authority and no one is responsible for the lost of your investment. We can only recommend you to report about this issue to your local regulator/authority. If you still have access to your trading account you can try withdrawing smaller amounts.

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