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By KOLPAKOVA Vera, from Switzerland, April 23, 2021 at 09:17 AM

I have been the victim of fraud of Coast Trading company After being persuaded by my financial manager Anna Braun I transferred a total amount of about 8,000 euros to them. The amount supposedly doubled in my brokerage account. When my account manager Anna Braun realised that I would not transfer anything else, she initiated the withdrawal process supposedly to “pay taxes from my profit”. I thought I would get the money with a profit. In order to transfer funds to my bank account, they said, I had to open a safe box in a bank in Cyprus and to pay 1,500 euros as a deposit. I transferred this deposit which was supposed to be returned to me with the whole payment. I received from the financial department (a certain guy called Yaroslav Belov) some algorithm of “technical brokerage account closing”. According to this algorithm I had to make more than 40 operations of buying and selling CADCHF, increasing the volume at each operation. During the closing process I allegedly made a mistake and this guy Yaroslav Belov from the financial department said that I had to pay an amount of 2500 euros to cover this technical overdraft. He said this money will be also added to my payment and I will get them back the next day. The next day my payment allegedly fell into the high Risk category of the European Central Bank and I had to pay another €2,500 allegedly as an « enclosure commission » (or barrier commission). He also said that they can easily dispute this commission within a week since this commission is unfair. I transferred everything. But understandably, I never received the money. Now they are demanding a fee of €3,500 allegedly for sending my payment via Western Union (supposedly for splitting my payment into small parts). When I refused to send this commission, they just stopped talking with me. All my payments were made as wire transfers to the different accounts of the third person in Russian banks. The last 5000 euro I transferred via ATM as bitcoin purchase. I also attach the print screen my personal account from their website. I transferred a total of 15 000 euros, all my savings to zero. I understand that I paid the price for my stupidity and overconfidence. But I want to prevent other people from falling into this scam scheme and I want this criminal organization Coast Trading company to stop its crime and lying to people.

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Answer: Hi KOLPAKOVA Vera,

We appreciate you sharing about your experience with Trading Coast broker. The company turns out to be another fraud with the lack of regulation and multiple negative review and a typical scheme of scamming traders, very similar to the one you posted.

Trading Coast claims to be claims to be a registered company from UK company house registration number 08221438. However, Companies House is only the United Kingdom’s registrar of companies, it is not the regulator that approves licenses for the brokers in the UK. And, of course, there is no information about this broker in the UK’s FCA register.  The broker does not provide much information about trading conditions, content details and, of course, we doubt it is regulated by any other reputable authority. We would advise our readers to choose from reliable Regulated brokers and searcher all the possible information about the company you are planning to invest with.

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