Scam: Munfinance

By Anonymous, from Germany, May 21, 2021 at 08:54 AM

Hello, don’t use the broker Munfinance. It’s scam! The asian girl Yaoyao from Shanghai (+85246525180) contacted me via Tinder. After few weeks she told me how to make big money with MT4. I just should pay some money via bitcoin to the broker and her analyst will help me. Don’t pay any money. You will never see your money again! Same procedure like in: Kind regards 

Answer: Hi Anonymous,

We had a closer look at Munfinance broker and can confirm that this company looks just like another fraud. The first thing is that it is very difficult to use the website, it seems like it’s lagging. But the most important part is the lack of regulation. Munfinance does not provide any information about its authorisation or even contact details or location. Also, the “About” section on the website forwards us to another broker’s website, which is quite suspicious.

We recommend to stay away from Munfinance broker and choose from the Regulated Brokers.

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  1. Triaxiom Capital is not associated with “,” “,” “Mun Finance,” “MUN Finance,” and any iterations of the same (collectively, “munfinance”). The name “Triaxiom Capital” appears on munfinance’s website without our permission. You can obtain additional information about munfinance from the U.S. National Futures Association.

  2. I was approached via Twitter. Her name is Dinah and she is from Hong Kong.
    I trusted that she was a real trader because I had followed her instructions and kept winning.
    However, when I found this post, I realized that the MUN she introduced was a scam.

  3. Munfinance now lists EAM as their owner. I am sure they are not the owner and they have no idea of the association. Basically, whoever munfinance lists as their owner is false and only used to try to gain legitimacy. Its a complete scam.

  4. I want to add two more number to this scam/fraud. +852 6024 6511 called herself Ella (Yang Minner)and her teacher Xie Yi +49 1577 9153324 that “lives” in Germany. I said i dont have money etc and so on. After a while I got removed from whats app. Thats when i was 100% sure its a fraud. So care, none of that is real dont matter if the girl on the other end is a real girl.

  5. I was contacted by Yue Zhon +852 6067 0419 by Facebook, and asked to create an account at (supposedly EAM USA Ltd). There are plus 2 beautiful girls like WhatsApp Group Administrators: Selena +44 7389 782816 and Professor Doctor (Beautiful Woman) Ceci +852 6565 8962.
    MT4 (Meta Trader 4) is real, but Broker is not.
    Be careful !!!

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