Is FINEXICS a scam?

By IOANNIS, from Greece, June 17, 2021 at 12:42 PM

hi i tried to made an investment @bitcoin. I searched on web and a person from Finexics contact me to open an account to the company that he works. We did it and i invest firstly 250 euros .The investment went super and Mr Rigas told me to invest more money to earn more. I believed him and i invest more money 1000 euros .the invest went great till 17 May . At 17 of May my account stops working and the site doesnt works. I tried to communicate with Mr Rigas and he told me that the programme ends and my money went to Bitcoinnetwork and i have to pay 10% of the profit (profit is 10000 euro) 1000 euro to send me the money. i want to ask if that is real or scam ?should i believe them ? waiting your responce

Answer: Hi IOANNIS,

Finexics is owned and operated by Slingo Group Ltd that claims to be regulated in Cyprus. Yes, ideally the company should be regulated by its local regulatory authority CySEC. However, we didn’t find any details about this broker in the regulator’s register. It means that the broker is not legit and most likely a fraud. They will tell you anything to get you invest more, just like this story with Bitcoinnetwork, which is a total scam.

Unfortunately, there is a small chance of getting your money back. We would recommend to stop any cooperation with this broker and NOT invest more. If there is a way for your to request a withdrawal, you can try to withdraw a small amount first. Also, you need to report to the local financial regulator or you can report to CySEC as well, so they can investigate and suspend the scam company.

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