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By Russell Bloomfield, from Australia, December 21, 2021 at 08:36 AM

Hello. I’ve been contacted by a person and they’ve pointed me towards trading on the MT5 app. The broker company is Jiaxing International. I have read a comment that online after searching the company name and I couldn’t find a lot. Did find an article saying saying it is a scam. Before i begin depositing funds I’d like to know if this broker can be trusted when trading btc/usd. I will attach the article to this message. If you can help me in this matter I would be very grateful. If not, could you please tell me who could help me out. Kind regards Russ

Answer: Hi Russell Bloomfield,

Jiaxing International LTD does not seem to be a regulated broker. According to the website, the broker is located in the UK, London, therefore, it supposed to be authorised in the UK to be able to legally offer financial services to its residents. However, we could not find any mentions of this broker in the UK’s register. In addition, there is not much info can be found online about this broker doubles with the fact that the website itself is not very information and does not provide any information about broker’s T&C, regulation or contact details.

In any case, we never advise trading with a non-licensed broker, since the financial investment service they deliver is not trustable. The reason is simple, the broker may promise the most ever competitive trading conditions or the trading environment, yet the trader has no any guarantee from the official entities that oversee the Forex industry. Thus the engagement to trading with such a companies means the trader will believe only on the broker’s words, and of course, it is a high risk.

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  1. Complete scam. Same thing happened…made a lot of positive trades, but when you go to withdraw you must pay 10% tax but never get your money. Contact was Sato and number ends with 4410

  2. Do not invest stay in your own country and check all regulations before off shore unregulated is dangerous do not be drawn in with a WhatsApp out of the blue it’s a scam be warned don’t don’t do it jiaxing is Singapore and Hong Kong and China they will scam you.

  3. I have been asked to invest wich a MT5 trader Mr XXX .He is a senior Analyst but now I’m worried after reading all these stories but the withdrawal site is the same Suppot@joaxing.co.uk , wot should I do but it’s a 100 thousand dollars to start . Now I Dont Know Wot To Do if you cant withdraw your money , Wot is your advice Please .I currently know others who deal with him a brother and sister and they withdraw No problem but they are in China and Singapore, Maybe it’s just the UK they Scan

  4. hi everyone reading this i recieved a similar out of the blue whattsapp from an asian lady and said it was in error but did everything to keep up contact and i would like to know how they get your phone no and then try incredible tactics to get you to invest in mt5 with jiaxing does anyone know how they get your phone number i am an established trader uk fsca regulated.

  5. I’ve been trading in MT5, but as far as I know, Jiaxing International is just a simulated learning account. I’ve been trading foreign currency for 4 years now. So far, there hasn’t been any tax requirement for withdrawal, and my agent is from Japan, but I met her face to face in Australia. Although what I said seems useless, I hope it can help everyone! Finally, let me tell you the name of my agent: Saeko’s mobile phone tail number is 4410 with four digits.

  6. Unfortunately Hong Kong Police will not do anything to go after this crime crew. I provided names, phone numbers and addresses to them. They told me to have my local PD investigate. I can only assume the HKPD gets a cut if the money I foolishly invested with Jiaxing.

  7. Hello,

    I want to warn you seriously about this Jiaxing International Finance scam. The story is a bit long to read but PLEASE PLEASE read carefully if you don’ want to be frauded.

    This story I will tell, you have to read carefully so that you will be in aware of the situation in case of facing with similar one.

    Couple of days ago a woman with a Hong Kong telephone number left me a message on whatsapp claiming that wants to buy cashmere fabric from me. I couldn’t get this at first but then said ok because I thought I could do business with her and make money even coincidenttaly. Then we started to have a conversation and after couple of hours she started to flirt with me with saying I hope we could do business and be lovers at the same time when she comes to my country.

    At first I thought it’s nice idea both making love with an attractive woman and do business and make money meanwhile she was sending me some charming pictures to allure. And then on the second day, she opened the the topic: HOW MUCH SHE MAKES MONEY ON BITCOIN FUTURES MARKET. Here is the PHISHING PART OF THE STORY.

    Then she offered me a “teacher” . This teacher is meant to be the mentor and master of this woman, she made even at the moment we spoke like 20000 dollars within 5 mins. And of course I asked who this guy is. Because if I knew him I could make a lot money too. Then she gave me her number and we started to speak with “master guy”.

    He asked me which platform I am using for trading and wanted me to change it on MetaTrader 5 with a new account on the company guess what it is? JIAXING INTERNATIONAL.

    And I made a small search on website and saw these comments above I really feel lucky because I was so close to be frauded. Just couple of minutes ago I asked the woman “which is supposed to make cashmere trade” from where you found my number and you texted me. She is leaving me with no answer or avoiding to answer.

    Money is earned with sweat, my friends. Please don’t waste your money on such scumbags.

    • I have been in contact with foreign exchange investment for 4 years. So far, I have never been asked to pay taxes when I withdraw money. My broker’s tail number is 4410, and my name is SaekoSaeko. I hope it will help everyone. Perseverance liar.

    • Complete scam
      Main perpetrator was Satomi Inose +81 80-7578-4410
      Seems like the exact same person
      Help you to “trade”and then when you make profits, you must pay “tax” to make a withdrawal.
      Then never hear from them again.
      Even though my account shows a large amount of funds in it still.

  8. How can I take action to get my money out? They are based in Hong Kong. I build up my account after putting my money in & using MT5 platform to trade. Then when I wanted my money. They said that since I was a US citizen, I had to Pay Taxes in advance. which I had never heard of before. So, I sent my Tax money in & I get this little receipt from the IRD that they sent me with just my 1st name & no SS# to report my payment to foreign Gov on my taxes. Then I fill out a withdrawal slip directly to my US bank. Cause they said the HK Gov won’t let me take into my Crypto.com wallet. Then when the money doesn’t show up after 3 days. I chat with them & she says she will go to the bank to see why its delayed. Then she tells me that I have put a $20k deposit because they are trying to control money laundering activities. Then they will give me back the deposit after 7 days & release my money. So now I’m beginning to smell something fishy. So, I don’t send them any money & I asked them to put my money back in my trading account or give the bank info where my money is at. They say it’s at Citibank but won’t give any info. What can I do & how can I find out if this is true to get my money out?

    • this company is a scam, I invested money with them through the MT5 site on which I traded! everything was going normally until the day I wanted to withdraw my funds and the profits! from that moment I understood that it was a scam, they asked me to pay taxes (20% of the total withdrawal amount), I did not invest a lot of money but I had made a lot of profit. I refused to pay the amount they asked me and therefore I could not take my money back, I filed a complaint with the police who could not do anything.

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