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By Inara Silina, from Latvia, January 20, 2021 at 01:11 PM

Company Nekstra seduced a lot of money from me, sending false documents on a regular basis that a significant amount of EUR needs to be paid into my trader’s account as a matter of urgency. It turned out that for my money they bought bitcoins, which they put in their wallets. Totally they have bought 3 BTC, which completely corresponds to my each transaction in EUR. I have documents for each transaction,showing how many BTC were bought and sent to their vallet. Nekstra never performed any withdrawal for me, always telling, that there is no money on my account. Please, advise how I can get back my funds?

Answer: Hi Inara Silina,

We couldn’t find much information about this broker, as any legal info is not presented on the Nekstra’s website. The broker does not provide regulatory details (most probably because there is nothing to provide). The terms and conditions state that the company is registered under Estonian jurisdiction, although the broker is NOT regulated by the local financial regulator.

It seems like Nekstra is just another fraud in there, so the chances of getting your money back are quite low. We advise you to report about this issue to your local finance authority, along with all the documents and proofs you have.

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