Is Regulated?

By Martin Vieira, from Portugal, June 5, 2022 at 02:25 PM

Is regulated? I subscribed on gemini2 and then I received a phone call and the person directed to me to Uni-co and then taught me how to trade and adviced to put more money so that I can earn more because I only added 250$ just to see how it works. And the advice is to add 5000$. I have been scammed before and this as good it may seem, having somebody teaching me and guiding me is great but it may be a scam as well. I don´t know anything about them, so I can´t say anything, it seems to be a legit company but still. I prefer to be careful. I would be glad if you could advice me best.

Answer: Hi Martin Vieira,

According to the broker’s website, it is owned and operated by FORTUNE INVESTMENT GROUP Ltd., incorporated in the Marshall Islands. Marshall Islands, in fact, is an offshore zone attracting various firms that for the reason or another escape from the serious regulation or compliance to international service providing. However, in the case of the financial investment or trading firms, the company should be a very respected entity, as the statistics show that the majority of non-authorized firms never recovered the sums of investors investments. Therefore, we always advise avoiding offshore or companies with no license as there are too many frauds around.

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