Titanfxpro is a possible scam Titanfxpro.com

By Eric Smith, from United States, April 17, 2021 at 11:45 PM

I invested with titanfxpro.com I want to find out if you have complaints on them. I feel I maybe getting scammed and currently this issue is a 911. I invested 20k, paid 53k usd for taxation and now want me to buy a license ID to withdrawal my funds. I sent BTC each time. Need help. Eric

Answer: Hi Eric Smith,

We took a look at Titanfxpro and turned out this broker is registered offshore in the Seychelles. It claims to be located in the UK, however, it is definitely a false claim, because we couldn’t find any proof in the register of the UK’s regulator FCA. This would be a first red flag for Titanfxpro.

In addition, Seychelles offers an easy process of financial or investment firm establishment, through a very low list of requirements, small budgets and what is more crucial with no strict supervision of the brokers’ operation or history. For that reason, offshore zones attract vast non-scrupulous or shady brokerages such as Titanfxpro that aim to attract clients, to grab their funds and disappear. Unfortunately, it seems like the same situation happened to you. There is a small chance of getting your money back and we would recommend to report about this issue to your local financial authority/ police.


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