Is Ocean Markets legit?

By Marvin Ona, from Philippines, October 29, 2021 at 06:27 PM

I want to know if this broker is legit. They contacted me to invest in their company.

Answer: Hi Marvin Ona,

Oceanmarkets does not seem to be a legit broker. There is no information about broker’s license or regulatory details. According to the website, it is owned and operated by Valep Ltd, located in Philippines. However, the contact number is British and the terms and conditions talk about European regulations, without any proofs of such statements.

We never advise trading with a non-licensed broker, since the financial investment service they deliver is not trustable. The reason is simple, the broker may promise the most ever competitive trading conditions or the trading environment, yet the trader has no any guarantee from the official entities that oversee the Forex industry. Thus the engagement to trading with such a companies means the trader will believe only on the broker’s words, and of course, it is a high risk.

We would recommend to choose from the list of the Regulated broker to be sure your investments and trading are safe.

78 responses to “Is Ocean Markets legit?”

  1. Thank you very much! Is there a way to stop this forex broker? Where can I report this broker? There are many people here in the Philippines who are not well informed enough about this. They may be scammed. I hope I could hear from you.

    • May way po ba para unatras..god hoping na sana ndi ito scam…ngaun lang aq nagbasa kung kelan kakadeposit ko lang ngaun lang din..please anybody can help me kung paano mababawi ung deniposit ko please…

  2. I have been trading with Oceanmarkets for about 3 months. My favorite thing is customer support. They react almost immediately and suggest a solution. I haven’t withdrawn any money yet, but the balance is steadily going up))

  3. I begun trading with OceanMarkets for about 4 months. At first, they have the customer support but they will never explain to you how hardly you can withdraw your money. I just withdrew only 200 USD out of 2500 USD deposits until my account was traded out because of ill advised from the financial adviser. I hope this will be a lessons that other traders should know.

    • As q lng if nabawi mo pa ba ung pera mo kc nkapag deposit din aq sana my maka help skn para mabawi q din ung pera q hnd n cla nasagot s mga email tsaka ung pinang contact nila skn hnd n macontact ung iba.

  4. You are right. At first they regularly call you when you are about to deposit your money. As of this writing i havent withdrawn my my money yet. Mentor advice has made me lose the profit i earned for a month now. Would like to withdraw my deposit but nobody is calling me anymore.

  5. Same with me, the advisers are kept calling me for my deposit and registration. Now that I read all your comments here, I will take this as proof not to join.

  6. oh my God, na scam din yata ako bkit ngayon ko lng to nabasa, kaya pala indi na cla macontact sa email, nakuha na nila ang investment ko.

  7. Listen, everything is fine with Oceanmarkets. Why is someone here writing about a bad withdrawal of funds?
    You submit an application through the manager and get paid within a week. I think fake reviews are the work of rivals.

    PS. I investing in Oceanmarkets about 4 months.

    • I am just a trader and not one of their rivals. They may seem working well now, but you may check if they are properly regulated. Also, check their license. I asked for a copy of their license and they can’t present any license bearing Ocean Market as the name. Soon, they will be gone and all investors will be left crying.

  8. I am just a trader and not one of their rivals. They may seem working well now, but you may check if they are properly regulated. Also, check their license. I asked for a copy of their license and they can’t present any license bearing the name, OceanMarket. Better safe than sorry. Since they are not properly regulated, they can do anything they want. Soon, they will be gone and all investors will be left crying.

    • Undoubtedly God protects the saved. But trading is first and foremost work, hard work, not a lottery in which God can help you.

      As for the license and documents, Oceanmarkets is fine with them. There is a special section on their website. And detailed documentation can be requested from your personal manager. I was provided with it at the first request. Therefore, I doubt that you, dear friend, are a trader.

      All your review is speculation without facts, unfortunately. But why are you trying to defame the name of this broker, that is the question.

      • Regarding your thoughts about trading and lottery, I am already trading since 2013 so please take note that I really worked hard to where I am now as a TRADER. I have been using Hotforex, Liteforex, Etoro, Interactive Broker, and some local stockbrokers here in the Philippines. I can say that Ocean Markets is really different in terms of the way they approach their clients. They are too far from the legit ones.

        • Sorry, but I disagree with you, as I have checked their documents myself and am inclined to believe that you deliberately want to tarnish the reputation of this broker.

          • I just requested this website to investigate this company and that is their answer. I can’t do anything about it. It is not my fault. Why are you so defensive of them? I believe that you are a part of this company.

        • sir yung sa hotforex, liteforex and interactive broker….may session and lectures po ba sila to discuss na sila nginitiate about forex?

  9. The most important thing for me is to be confident in my broker, to feel stability and reliability. Oceanmarkets has technical support 24/7 and pays money without cheating.

  10. Where to contact the broker beacause i am waiting for the email but haven’t receive it yet. How can i open their site.

  11. If you are really confident about this broker, then go on and trade with them as long as you want. I checked already their documents months ago in their website and even asked them to provide me any document or license but they just sent me a copy same as what is in their website. It was a Certificate of Incorporation bearing the name, Prometheus Ltd, signed October 26, 2020. Now, if you are going to check their website, you will find a different Certificate of Incorporation bearing the name, Valep Ltd.signed also on October 26, 2020. Don’t you find it so suspicious? Also, can you show us any proof that they are properly regulated by any forex regulatory body?

      • They keep reaching me and convincing me to join so I did a research if it’s legit or to find out if they have any legal permit but then when I read the comments hear thank goodness 😅 I think I will not continue it cus I do not afford risking my investment
        Also Im a beginner so I need to becareful.

  12. Oh, I think I get it. You deliberately sling mud at some brokers (your competitors, such as Oceanmarkets) only to advertise “your” brokers, who, apparently, pay you money for this black PR

  13. I smell something fishy. Glad i checked their credibility online and just found this. Scammers are very eager. They Keep on calling me and even ask me to rate my knowledge about trading. Beware guys. There are so many bad people nowadays. Please bear in mind that you should equipped yourselves enough knowledge when it comes to trading. They will take advantage of you when you said you dont know trading.

  14. I felt that they are scammers after i send my money. So i sent them an email i want to withdraw my funds and Im not going to proceed with it anymore. No one emailed me back. But theres another girl who called me to help me set up my trading account. Again i told her I am withdrawing my money. Another girl called me again to help me on how to withdraw my money. She told me it would take 3-5 banking days for me to get my money from my bank. I hope I can really withdraw my money as they promised.

    • Here’s a really cool story for you guys. On January 19, my balance was 1230 usd. And for some reason, I suddenly decided to read the reviews. ON THE SAME DAY I applied for the withdrawal of all funds. I was wildly nervous. And surprisingly, on January 24, ALL MONEY came to the card. ALL THE MONEY. Strictly by agreement. And why was I nervous? Panic? why? Acted like an idiot. My advice to you – trust only your experience, and good luck in your work. Oceanmarkets is a good broker.

    • Hi po. Mam na-withdraw nyo po ba money nyo? Same here po, ang tagal po ng processing ng withdrawal. Ang sipag po nila tumawag pag mag dedeposit ka pero pagdating po sa withdrawal, wala na po silang update.

      Sana po may makatulong din po sa atin para mabawi po ung pera natin.

  15. 100% Fraud!

    I am a student in Germany who invested money in your trading market (Ocean Markets). I was advised by Sam Diaz (My personal expert), to invest 500$ and receive 250$ bonus.

    He told me, that bonus can only be withdrawn after doing certain amount of trading. He also informed me I can take out my profits and my money whenever I want after doing the initial 5 times trading. I traded 10-15 times and gained profits also.

    Suddenly, after new year 2022, Sam Diaz resigned from the company and my personal expert was changed to Fabian Nikum, who never contacted me and I was UNINFORMED!! This person has been extremely rude to me, doesn’t know the rules and has been constantly telling me to invest more without any need.

    I am currently at a profit of 1600$, gained through my own and with the help of trading videos on YOUTUBE. I wanted to withdraw 1000$ of my money, which is my right!

    I am not going to withdraw from 250$ bonus, as I know and understand to withdraw this money I have to do the transactions worth 2.5M$, I can read the rules and I am educated.

    ON requesting, my request was DENIED completely, no one replied me back, none of my Emails are answered, my personal expert is telling me to invest more and tells me only after a transaction value of 10M$ I can withdraw my money back!!!

    I am simply a student, who wanted to earn a small side income, I invested so much of my time in trading and now I can only cry and not tell my parents about all of this.

    PLEASE, I request you all to not to invest in this trading. I am telling you a 100% truth. I have all their Skype messages recorded.

    STAY away from this trading market. I fold my hands and request you to stay away. It is the biggest scam of my life.

  16. If you are educated and can read. Then why didn’t you read about the bonus in the contract?
    This item should be in every broker’s contract.

    You yourself say that the bonus must be traded.

    Why did you yourself violate the contract and blame the broker? You must be joking?

  17. I don’t take advantage of any bonuses and I trade just fine with Oceanmarkets. I don’t understand why you are throwing mud at brokers here.

  18. I am not sure why you throw muds on this broker when they are really doing great. I started with them last December and I have reached 170k usd. Yes I had my first withdrawal of 3k becuase that’s the only allowable balance I can withdraw since they offered me co-fund bonus that I have to trade and work on the lot size. I have also safe investment with them and perfectly working fine. I had a problem with my account due to negative trades and it almost consumed my equity. They lock my account to save it and offered another funds, of course I have to work on it and prior to giving the bonus it is clearly stated that you have to work out of it. No brokers will just simply give you money. If there is, just le me know,,,hahehe…OCEAN MARKETS IS REALLY REALLY NICE.

  19. Oceanmarkets is my first broker. I started with stocks, now I’m starting to look closely at the crypt. A lot of training material, at first I hung there for hours. Now I’m just looking in to see how the transactions are going.

  20. Muntik na ako madali Ng ocean markets na yarn, Nakita ko sa Isang site na Dito raw nag e invest c Manny Villar accdng. Sa interview ni vice Ganda sa GGV, at Saka ginamit pa Nila Ang manila times/bulliten. May tumawag sakin na certain axel Vasquez, cya daw Ang parang mentor ko, tapos pinasa nya ako sa Isang babae na financial manager ko daw. Graveh cla mag convinsi na need ko daw mka deposit na Ng 500usd para daw may bonus ako na another 500usd on my second trading acct. , They were asking me f there’s someone na mkadeposit na sa acct. Ko Kasi NASA out of town ako… Graveh ha… Agad2x need ko na daw mag deposit using dragon pay dahil until Feb. 28 lng Ang promo Nila na 500usd + free 500usd 2nd acct. Muntik na talaga ako Dito, Buti nlang nag research ako. Wala cla opiz Dito sa Pinas, Ang landline Nila sa marshall island pa na Numero. Tapos opiz daw Nila sa singapore. Ingat2x mga kababayan, Ang galing Nila mag persuade Ng investor, Hindi ka talaga titigilan. I’m sure tatawag sila sakin ulit sa lunes. Another thing, noong tumawag si axel na Yan sakin, smart no. Ang gamit nya, nx na tawag ibang no. Naman Ang gamit Ng Axel na yarn… Huwag natin hayaang Kunin Nila Ang perang pinaghirapan natin… “Walang manloloko Kong walang nagpapaloko”

    • Salamat kabayan, parehas na scheme ginagamit nila. Meron daw bunos na 500 dollars at need ng dollars na deposit then magstart daw training which will last for 2 weeks.
      Mas maganda yung brokers na walang issue o anuman na reklamo😊
      Thanks for this at least maging aware po tayo

    • Hope ma stop na ito. huhuhuhu kung di ko man makukuha pera ko at least, ma stop na ganitong operation nila.. huhuhuhu

  21. Broker with a classic terminal. Nice terminal in my opinion. You can earn, there is analytics and training. The spread is not overestimated, the funds go for a long time, but they always come.

    • Tumawag na naman sila sakin bakla naman, naumay na siguro kkatawag yung babae kasi ni research ko sila kung legit ba kaya lang mas marami yung reviews na scam sila kaya sinasakyan ko nalanh sila para mag sawa. Ano $500 na deposit agad agad ang kati nyan para sa janitor na studyante na gaya ko. Tapos scam pa sila hahaha no thanks nalang. Mag FBS o liteforex nalang kayo, yan legit talaga yan. Currently ako nagte trade sa LITE at diko sinisiraan ang oceanmarkets niresearch kolang din sila at totoong too good to be true nga ang ocean na yan.

  22. Buti na lang nabasa ko to. May tumawag din sakin kanina lang akala ko foreign yung boses biglang sinabi nya na nakaka intindi naman daw sya ng tagalog. Ayun suspicious to
    Salamat po sa review

    • Oh my God nabiktima ako just yesterday $1000..until now wala pa ako nakapag trade kase biglang nawala ang account ko..that money so hard earned as an ordinary employee! How to retrieve our money guyz? Dapat ireport natin ito para mastop ang pambibiktima..tinawagan din ako several times until navictimize din ako..

  23. The broker is modern, the interface is convenient, all conditions are created for cryptocurrency trading.

  24. Thank you po sa inyong mga comments, atleast nagka idea din po ako. Nais ko lang din nmn magkaroon ng sideline.
    God bless everyone.

  25. Mga nagtatanggol sa ocean markets halatang hindi tunay pinagsasabi, galingan niyo pa manloko para makaabot kayo sa mas mataas na escalation, bugok!

  26. Thanks po sa inyo! ako din muntik na bukas na sana ako magbabayad ng 25k.Gusto ko lang sana makahanap ng additional income hitap pag nakadepende lang sa sahod. Buti at nag research ako about that company
    Kaya pala ayaw magbigay ng facebook account.!

  27. 09924616799 yan po ang numero ng tumawag sa akin, kontakin niyo na at pagbayarin sa nascam niya. Muntik akong naniwala hirap kumayod para sa 25k tapus iscam lang..

  28. Scam po ito. Magaling sila magsalita. Parang budol para makapag deposit agad agad. Kahit 1 day palang nag deposit hindi mo na mababawi. Please wag kayo paloko. Itetrade out lang nila yung 25k nyo. Hindi nyo na mababawi. Sana wala na silang maloko.

  29. I am from the Philippines. So glad that I made some research before I proceed with my scheduled call with Ocean Market’s account manager.

    It started with a free “Trading for Beginners” Ebook from a Facebook advertisement where you need to provide your email and contact number. Then on the same day, someone from the Ocean Market called me through the number that I provided. I was busy so he requested only 10 mins of my time to provide an overview of their “Trading Expertise”, and you guys were right! He is good and really convincing XD

    I thought we are done after that (’cause I already told him that I only provided my contact information for the free Ebook their ads were offering), then the next day the same person with a different mobile number called me again to discuss more of the services they can offer that may help me more about trading. I said I was busy so he requested to schedule another call today.

    I made some research about Ocean Market and end up being here in this forum. Now I emailed that person that I am backing out from our scheduled call because I’ve been reading forums regarding their trading company XD

    Forums like this are really helpful, providing awareness to everyone before engaging in something they might soon regret.

    Keep sharing! 🙂

  30. I was introduced to this company by my friend who was very satisfied with the service of this trading company. Unfortunately for me I did not get the same luck as my friend. My money keep losing more money everyday. My manager offered recovery if I deposit more money. I try deposit tomorrow. Will update review next week.

    • Dear Chrissy,
      We advise you not to deposit any more with this Broker, it is typical scam strategy unfortunately, to ask for more deposits to recover leading to loose even more money. Try to withdraw any of the balance remain and choose reliable regulated broker for trading.

  31. I juat received a call from oceanmarkets and i was also presented with a 500 US dollars bonus on top of the 500 US dollars to be invested.. but im not sure if they are ligit and that if the money invested can be withdrawn cuz right now we are in the process of the deposit. I hope anyone can give a fare advice regarding ocean market.. thanks the way the number they used to contact me is 0926 434 4515 but they said there base is in singapore..

  32. Rosaln
    Ako rin naisahan ako nitong ocean market. How can we get back our deposit. Nakikita ko pa naman ang pero ko sana ma withdraw ko ito.

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