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By Abid Sabir, from Pakistan, January 15, 2021 at 02:01 PM

In Fxcoinmark company site not anywhere write that you need to upgrade for withdrawal but when I send request for withdrawal the account Manager said to that you need upgrading first. On the company Site not mention anywhere upgrading package or other hidden fee and charges. Please visit Site and check the policy. My Complain is that if company is not mention on company web Site any upgrading package and other fees/ charges so company why demand about that. There is mentioned any person can start with minimum 100$ but now the company demanded for 3000$. My request to FCA please take action against the company and help to withdrawal my profit and deposit money. I am available for further details. Thank you 

  • My Account Balance Screen Shot
Answer: Hi Abid Sabir, claims to be registered in the United Kingdom (under the registration number is #11314745), however, there is no such number/company registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. All the information provided on the website looks blurry and not complete. The main discrepancy that at the same time is a red flag – the contact number on the website is not from the UK, which makes us think the company is probably located somewhere offshore. All these facts, especially the lack of regulation, tells us Fxcoinmark is unregulated entity that cannot be trusted.

Usually in such cases traders are not able to withdraw their initial deposit, as the profit money won’t be released anyway. You can try to withdraw just the amount you have deposited. We also advise you to report about this issue to your local financial authority.

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