By Stef Mall, from Cyprus, November 20, 2022 at 02:59 AM

Hello there! Recently I was approach from a connection in LinkedIn with the name Lorenzo Brady to invest to the above broker site. I am suspicious about this site, however I cannot spot any illegal activity in the internet. Can you please let me know if this firm is legal or not? Thank you.

Answer: Hi Stef Mall,

The company does not have any reliable registration. On its website, there is no mention of its licenses, there is no specific information about the fund’s withdrawal process, and customer support seems to be inadequate.

When signing with a company and investing, we strictly recommend checking its regulations first. Trust your investments only to brokers with top-tier regulations and good standing. All the brokers provide information about their licenses. If you do not find any information about a serious license, then the broker is most probably a scam or an offshore broker. Check the list of Regulated brokers that are safe to trade with and stay away from doubtful offers.

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