Trader license inquiry igg markets

By Keith Costelloe, from Canada, February 3, 2022 at 05:26 PM

I would like to know if Mr. Jordan Balfort is a licensed trader working for IGG markets He has phoned me on a number of occasions and I have deposited a large sum of money for him to trade with. It has been successful so far, but I just need to know if he is working for you in your company.

Answer: Hi Keith Costelloe,

Unfortunately, such cold-calling is the first red flag, when dealing with a broker, because legit and regulated brokers simply do not do the cold calling and do not offer or try to convince people to invest. Also, it is a common practice for the fraudulent companies to use the names of a popular people (like Jordan Balfort ), as in this way it’s easier to gain people’s trust and make them invest their money. We highly recommend to check legitimacy of the broker before dealing with it.

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