should I stay away from Goldver

By MITJA, from Slovenia, July 8, 2020 at 09:52 PM

Please for some info about this company, reliable or i should stay away from them? thanks

Answer: Hi MITJA,

According to the website, Goldver is associated with Marshall Islands offshore zone. We keep on warning our readers that offshore-registered brokers should be avoided.

Also, the broker provides UK contact number, however, there is no other information about its office or, most importantly, its UK regulation. Therefore, any investment with this broker will not be protected. We would recommend you to stay away from Goldver.

If you are looking for a reliable broker to invest with, check our list of the Regulated Brokers.

24 responses to “should I stay away from Goldver”

  1. I would recommend Goldver from my experience. The customer support is commendable and fast. You can be assisted from the site anytime and move closer to your success. The Goldver have a user-friendly site with clear charts. You can’t go wrong with them. My experience was probably same with yours-doubtful. But for the one month trading with them, well great rewards on my side.
    Withdrawal is wonderful, you’ll have to withdraw the profits and not the bonus too. Read their policy and register your KYC fully. You won’t have a problem with the site. Profit is assured!

  2. I was indeed skeptical on trying a startup company for Forex trading but Goldver did not let me down in the three(3) weeks I’ve been with them. Their website is state of the art and very user friendly with an extensive detailed Terms and Conditions section to help any beginner trader.And as if this company couldn’t get any better their costumer service is one of a kind as they have a 1-2 hours response rate.
    Based on my sole experience I would 100% recommend Goldver!

  3. Goldver has an excellent reporting system and financial integrations attached which gives such a good and trusty vibe to invest and join the professionals. The packages are good in my opinion as they simply mention what you’re going to get out of this package beforehand. The site itself is very responsive compared to others and the support system is great. I’d love it if they put some informative blogs on the platform.

  4. I signed up with Goldver some weeks ago and I can say their services are notable. I personally believe there are major advantages than disadvantages to opening an offshore brokerage account as long as you’re open-minded and ready to take risks like you would with any normal trading market.
    Make sure to go through the company’s terms and compliance so you can get accustomed to their practices and have a comfortable time with them.

  5. As they say it is always a risk of trying something new and if you don’t you will live to regret it . I pulled my shot and tried Goldvier trading software . In my opinion I would give it a 5/10 . I find that the Rate of investment is on the low .If they would change this I would then recommend my friends and friends of friends to try it . On a brighter side they are welcoming people and as low as $250 , one can get a mini account to start with which is definitely beginner friendly

  6. I was asking myself the same question until i tried it. It was not as bad as i expected because i had a low budget and i was constantly n fear of losing my money. obviously i went with the mini-account but it has been smooth sailing so far.

  7. A friend recommended Goldver to me, so I opened a trading account with them to give it a try. So far it looks good. I find their website to be user friendly and responsive. Their packages are great and the fact that traders can open an account with a minimum deposit of just $250 is appealing. Based on my experience, I would recommend Goldver.

  8. I would strongly recommend Goldver as an excellent online trading platform. Customer support is efficient and easy to use and can be used at any time because of the 24/7 system, in addition to being a platform for experienced and novice users. I also had my doubts at the beginning, but it is an excellent platform and you can see it for the good reviews and high ratings provided by the community of traders.

  9. After reading the comments here, I gave it a go. The customer support did answer all of my questions in a prompt manner. To be completely honest, the biggest draw for me was the mini account. 250$ is just about right to start with for a beginner like myself. Hopefully everything will turn out right and I’ll make my first profit soon!

  10. I have been working with Goldver platform for a month now and so far I have marked for myself positive points. I found it comfortable and user-friendly trading software. Customer support is friendly and helpful. Though I did not try large sums, as for me it is an additional income, not the main one but still, I managed to make a profit. For those who want to start trading in Forex, the Goldver broker will be perfect for you.

  11. When I first opened an account with Goldver, the reviews I saw from some sites we’re not encouraging and I almost lost interest in going forward. But after going through the site and company terms policy, I decided to give it a go; and since then I will be proud to say that I did not regret making use of this trading platform.

  12. With the help of my friends I found Goldver platform,at first I had a fair to try risky work but proffessional working condition persuaded me to start my busness,now I managed to run my business on , furthmore, I am expecting first profit, I consider it is efficiant to earn money at least as an extra work.

  13. My friend told me about this platform as I was having worse financial situation. I have just bought the MINI 250$ Account at the start of this month & It went pretty well. I have made money which is more than enough for me in these days cause everyone is facing financial problems due to COVID19. So, I recommend you should give it a try, they are legit.

  14. You better try and stick to goldver. I wouldn’t want to praise it so much because it’s a new platform and up for trials, but my experience so far is excellent. Their customer support is impeccable. With their detailed trading charts, precisely what you need to execute your trades and make profits. With as low as $250, you can start trading, such a reasonable amount, especially for a beginner. Its terms of operations are also very clear. I highly recommend them.

  15. A week or so ago when I started using Goldver I decided to go with the Mini Account option they offered in order to start trading. I got assigned an account manager who was very helpful in answering all my questions and so far, the results have been positive. Even though their interface at first might be confusing for new users, after a while you get used to it and all transactions can be done effortlessly.

  16. If you know about trading you should definitely give Goldver a try, I read much about scam sites and all things bad about some of trading platform but Golver wasn’t one of them, I wrote to the customer service because this says very much about legit, the respond was fast and very good.

  17. no need for worries
    You don’t have worries on how to get started. Goldver is a trustworthy investment platform that you can trade with. They’re stock broker/ good account managers that made trading so easy for people. I started trading with them when I read reviews about them here and since then I have been making cool cash. I understand that every venture has its risk factor to be watchful for, have in that in mind also but come expectant.

  18. I signed up to Goldver after a good friend of mine told me about this new offshore-registered broker that he thought could be the next big thing. I thought he was joking with me, but decided to check it out anyway. Was surprised by their in-depth KYC process and by their efficient customer support team, who did wonders to help me out. Good overall experience so far.

  19. The first is excellent technical support on almost any issue of interest to the client, no matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader. No cheating, hidden fees, or retroactive recalculations. The second is instant withdrawal and the best part is that it offers many different ways of input and output. And of course the most important thing is that you can start trading with a small capital, which is very important for beginners in trading. The site also has a lot of tutorials for beginners.

  20. My first experience with goldver wasn’t too pleasant, I lost quite a lot of money, maybe because I was being greedy or because i was an arrogant novice but our subsequent encounters have been massively rewarding. They have made me develop more interest in trading online. I personally love the illustrative charts they provide to their customers

  21. Not sure why Goldver doesn’t do more to make itself look more legit. They’re losing out on massive amounts of business because of it. The broker has been perfectly fine from my dealings with them. Limited when compared to the big players out there, but certainly a good mainstream alternative.

  22. Well today I bought the mini account at GOLDVER. My trading experience is next to nothing. Does anyone have a tip for a newbie like me.?

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