Is legit?

By john stubbins, from United States, May 29, 2021 at 01:04 AM

Could you please verify this is a Legitimate Meta Trader 5 forex broker with a valid license. Thank you

Answer: Hi john stubbins,

Anandforex  is an unregulated forex broker. The broker claims to be located in the UK. However, we didn’t find any information about its regulation from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, as well as any other regulatory authority. Anandforex does not provide any contact information (except email), no address, no trading details. It all just seems to be very confusing and not reliable at all. We would recommend to stay away from this broker and choose a Regulated Broker that will protect your funds.

In any case, we never advise trading with a non-licensed broker, since the financial investment service they deliver is not trustable. The reason is simple, the broker may promise the most ever competitive trading conditions or the trading environment, yet the trader has no any guarantee from the official entities that oversee the Forex industry. Thus the engagement to trading with such a companies means the trader will believe only on the broker’s words, and of course, it is a high risk.

6 responses to “Is legit?”

  1. hi john

    I am in contact with this broker currently I have already invested $ 3000
    I got to know this broker thanks to a young lady called yang
    is this the case for you?

    • Hi Imad,

      One young lady is behind me. Btw, do you have her contact number or any pic. what’s the mode of communication she does?


    • I may be involved in this also. I’ve met a chinese woman named YuTang that has introduced me to this trading. I met her because of an accidental text on whatsapp. She seems legit but now I’m having doubts. There have been a couple of red flags but overall I was pretty much all in on the trading. She lives in Hong Kong, is 35 and says she is the finance manager of a clothing company. Anything sound similar?

      • Yes similar way one lady from singapore met me accidental text on whatsapp. it looks like fraud to me, too much presussrizing for trading. intrestingly she never talks or does not have any other social network profile.

        • yes same lady is talking to me now. she says she goes by Kelly or Kai’li and has a clothing business with her uncle who gives her insider trading info. It is definitely a scam. She shows me pictures of her Ferrari and says she made over a million dollars last year from her Uncle’s tips. Luckily, my phone would not work. Samsung Android and i did this research… got lucky i found this ahead of time.

  2. Same lady is talking to me also. She goes by Liu Ya this is the word for word initiation of our conversation “I am a shareholder and part-time financial manager of a clothing company. I made the wrong call because I need to contact a US customer. What about you What to make a living?” We chatted back and forth a while about life and business. Whoever it is is very good. I was all into the process until it was time to register a real account my IT background gave me pause on how cheesy the walk through process looked and this lead me to more research. She tried to press me into trusting her but when I seen the alike reviews it was over. I dont believe in coincidence.

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