is tradingon a genuine company?

By Anonymous, from France, July 12, 2020 at 12:03 PM

Original site is but it has been replaced by the one indicated above. I have always been asked for money and whenever I ask for a withdrawal, there has been excuses why it cannot be made, or just a message saying refused. I don’t know if this is a genuin company or i have been scammed.

Answer: Hi Anonymous,

Unfortunately, it seems like Elite Trading and Tradingon are the same company. If you check our Elite Trading review, you will see that the only difference is brokers’ names, since even the website interface are identical. Therefore, it makes Tradingon an unregulated fraudulent entity as Elite Trading.

There is a really small chance to get money back from an unregulated broker, because it is not overseen by any authority and no one is responsible for the lost of your investment. Most probably, Tradingon website will soon be suspended just like Elite Trading’s platform. We advise you to report about this issue to your local regulator/ authority.

4 responses to “is tradingon a genuine company?”

  1. I recently placed $1000 U.S. with tradingon and now cannot trade or withdraw as site states such non action is in place.

    I would welcome any advice on how to recover my deposit.

  2. I got scammed by They called me for a few weeks harassing me to deposit more than my initial deposit. When I refused to deposit more they closed my account without issuing me a return of my deposit, they just took my $100, and stopped communication. It wasn’t enough to enter a trade on the platform, they wanted me to commit $500, and it didn’t pass the smell test with the bullshit their telephone agents were spewing.

  3. I am scammed by trading on as well.
    They were trading as before.
    I deposited €2500 in bitcoin before.
    I know I lost the money and now they are still harassing me. I went to police but they don’t do anything, I lost my money and it makes me feel sick.
    They are sick people and criminals who are operating from a few countries in Eastern Europe.
    Hopefully somebody catches them and burn their offices down (if they have one) and lock them up for a long time.
    Those people have no feelings they only smell money.
    Never ever deal with them, be warned!!!

  4. Mittlerweile habe ich seit April fast € 50000,-verloren. Mein Tradingkonto ist bei €450000,- und Auszahlungen werden ständig mit irgendwelchen Ausreden und
    neuen Einzahlungsforderungen abgelehnt.
    Die rufen mich immer noch an und fragen nach der nächsten Einzahlung,damit endlich ausgezahlt werden kann.So geht das nun schon 2 Monate,deswegen meine hohe Einzahlung.
    Eiskalte Abzocker!!!!

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