MarketGBP unable to withdraw

By Donatius Kalumbu, from Namibia, March 17, 2019 at 03:30 AM

Dear all, I have noted that MarketGBP does not have a valid license. I have some funds with them and have been unable to withdraw them. Lately I have noticed some strange activities from their side as withdrwals went unpaid and are now being blocked. Can you please assist on what to do to recover the funds? I have 2 accounts with them. Thanks and kind regards Donatius

Answer: Hi Donatius Kalumbu,

Hi Donatius

Unfortunately, you are trading with a forex broker from Marshall Island. It is notorious for shady for forex broker operation. We have feedback from other reader that their withdrawal were rejected. With offshore brokers, it is hard to get your fund back. We suggest to trade with well-regulated brokers.  

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