Is Eurocapitals a scam?

By MarLyras, from Greece, December 26, 2021 at 10:20 AM

Brokers regulation issues and deposit by card only withdraw issues and an independent person as an independent broker who makes you everyday profit in to clients account. A central call center that says the minimum deposit is 250€ and a 100% bonus to start trading. The oral comments are deposit be bank wire but the site information is minimum deposit 100€ . If you deposit by card they call you saying that theres a 30% tax to the deposit amount . The result is that you could deposit less than they say and with no tax.the independents broker name dr.mark.petersen and hes email and he claims that they pay for information in trading and he urges for an amount of 2500€ deposit for bigger profits.theres something wired to this company.

Answer: Hi MarLyras,

According to the website, the EuroCapitals is is authorised and regulated by the International Financial Market Regulation Center (IFMRC), Securities Investment Business Law (ISF RU) number NO.R567467K and is located, London, England. Firstly, International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center is an independent organisation and is NOT a financial regulator, therefore, even if the certificate is legit it literally does not mean a lot. Secondly, since the company claims to be located in the UK, it obviously misses some FCA  – the financial authority responsible for regulating each and every UK broker. We cannot stress the fact that this broker is unreliable hard enough.

To conclude, it is dangerous to get involved with the brokers like EuroCapitals. We recommend to choose only reliable and regulated ones. You can check the list of the well-regulated brokers here.

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  1. Thank you. I kept on insisting they returned me only 100€ and they changed the broker. The new one insisted that theres a new project to enter at least now with 2500 and i said its a matter of trust. There was 3 pending withdrawal orders but nothing yet. The new one kept on saying that i studied a lot to keep on making withdrawals of only 100€ . Then he became hostile and he opened positions to loose the profits and the initial capital that remained 100€. Its 100% certain that it is a scam

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