Is TriumphFx legit?

By Anonymous, from Malaysia, April 21, 2021 at 05:08 AM

Would like to check legit of broker TriumphFx? Triumph Int. Limited is a company registered in 2283 Columbus Centre, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Triumph Int. Limited is a company registered in S.I.P. Building, P.O. Box 3010, Rue Pasteur, Port Vila, Vanuatu. Triumph Int. Limited is regulated by Vanuatu Financial Service Commission (License number: 17901).

Answer: Hi Anonymous,

TriumphFX is a Cyprus brokerage firm that provides access to quality trading and investment solutions through its fully regulated environment and competitive conditions. Since TriumphFX was established in Cyprus before it starts its operation legally the firm received a license from CySEC, a local authority that regulates Forex business and firm operating within the financial investment industry.

Nevertheless, international proposal running through additional offices in Vanuatu and BVI, or Triumph Int. Limited under the domain The trading conditions here are different and applicable another laws and regulations. It was always quite risky to trade with offshore zones and we should definitely mention that trading with Triumph Int. Limited subsidiary is not safe.

You mentioned the offshore regulated domain of the broker, so we would recommend to switch to the broker regulated by more reliable authorities. You can check our list of the Regulated brokers.

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  1. Today I found the company Solar Group Limited which registered in same address: Box 3010, Rue Pasteur, Port Vila, Vanuatu. The director name is Segey Semenov. I wanted to sign the contract with this company, but 1st I decided to check their address and found these comments. Now I see, that it is a scum. This is a fake company. DO NOT TRUST THEM!!! They are liar.
    Thank you guys for your comments.

  2. I have, as if this date, retained a detective who has contacted an FBI agent. I hope they find them and put them and their entire ring under the ground.

  3. Past 11 years Triumph FX had gain recognition and support from numerous customers all over the world .

    I am trading with Triumph and joined many of its funds past few years . Never have any problems.

    You must be joining a scam who use fake Triumph website or most probably You lost in your trading and blame broker for cheating you . . 😅

    • Or maybe you’re the owner of said company. A poser. Saying you have worked for a company that is also listed as 7 other companies at this same address. Triumph uses the same platform and layout. All they’ve done is change the name. You’re a poser and a theif

  4. Hi, this is a fake company. DO NOT TRUST THEM. Their trade stole $36,000 from me and I’m filing charges! They have registered under different names since March 2021.

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