Is Sushi Global Investing Limited a real broker?

By Sushi Global Investing Limited, from United States, September 10, 2021 at 01:12 PM

Is Sushi Global Investing Limited a real brokerage in the UK? Concerned of being scammed!

Answer: Hi Sushi Global Investing Limited,

Unfortunately, Sushi Global Investing Limited is not regulated in the UK or any other company. Moreover, the broker seems to be targeting Asia, based on the languages supported on the website. The broker does not provide any information about its regulation or any details about its location etc. It is clear the company is unregulated and quite suspicious.

In any case, we never advise trading with a non-licensed broker, since the financial investment service they deliver is not trustable. The reason is simple, the broker may promise the most ever competitive trading conditions or the trading environment, yet the trader has no any guarantee from the official entities that oversee the Forex industry. Thus the engagement to trading with such a companies means the trader will believe only on the broker’s words, and of course, it is a high risk.

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  1. They are a scam. They trick me into investing money and when I wanted to withdraw the money they told me that I can’t withdraw less 10k$ from the account and pay certain fees and then I can witdraw the money. They are a scam don’t trust them.

    • Did I take your money in the end ؟because I had a problem, they told me that your account was frozen and please pay a fine, and after the fine was made, my account was not opened and they asked me for a bigger fine

      • I only lost the money invested $ 3,000. But I didn’t pay them any more money, I realized it was a scam. At the moment I am trying to get my money back legally but I don’t think there is a good chance that I will get my money back.

      • Me to, I invest 10k usd, when i withdraw they said that my trade is suppocious and they said need to investiage , and no anwser till now

    • I only lost the money invested $ 3,000. But I didn’t pay them any more money, I realized it was a scam. At the moment I am trying to get my money back legally but I don’t think there is a good chance that I will get my money back.

  2. Sushi Global Investing Limited and Smart Contract Group Limited
    They are scammers, I got this contact recommendet during a allegedly business Lady from Hong Kong, She convinced me to invest 10KUSD to Smart Contract Group Limited HK because she want me to participate on her secured trades what she get provided from her Uncle, an Analyst! I was already suspicious about her, so I charge my Account there with only 2k USD. So to the following 2 weeks she was really sharing secured transactions every day and I did profit with every trade what I did with her.
    After a couple of weeks she wants me to recharge my account with a bigger amount, what made me able to get higher trades and higher profits, but I refused, so she stop to let me participate on her secured trades until I recharge my account there with 10K minimus. I said NO because slowly I getting highly suspicious about this Lady, As I want to withdraw my money from my account, during sending USD to my bankcard, I get the message that’s sending to bankcard is temporarily not possible, I can only withdraw funds as crypto USDT !! As I provide them my Huobi USTC wallet address, my account get disconnected from MT5, also website and user login form SmartContract Group was not reachable any more ! after sending a complaining e-mail to customer service they said the reason about was a server update and they provide me a invitation link to Sushi Global Investing Limited, they promised me after a quick registration my funds will be transferred there within one hr. So I registered there and wait until now to get my money transferred !!! I reported now this case to the HK Police cyber Investigation department during my HK Cooperation Partner ! Of course my money is lost but I hope many People will read my Story and spread to the Internet so this Criminals will be announced and eliminated.

    • Your story sounds very similar to mine. I was approached by an attractive business lady from Hong Kong through WhatsApp. We started chatting every day.
      Then, she started talking about her gold investing, and that she likes to help her friends earn money. My radar has been up the whole time because I work in cyber security.
      She just helped me create an account in MetaTrader5, an app that I downloaded to my iPhone.
      Her “teacher”, that her uncle introduced her to, helped us do a trade yesterday. She supposedly earned $85k in that trade and showed me the receipt.
      She just sent me a ling to create an account. This link wants photos of the front and back of my ID and bank card, along with my mailing address. Now, I’m thinking identity theft in addition to a scam.
      Thank you for your story. My radar really went into high gear when I read your experience. Thankfully, I am not out any money.

    • you a life saver!!! this is happening to me RIGHT NOW I’m very glad that I read this before doing any crazy step! the lady is messaging me from HK number +852-9345-6490
      she said the same damn story about her uncle has some experts and investing in this sushi builshit. she did message me all randomly through WhatsApp talked for few days and she started taking about this MT5 app and how fast she’s making money out of it with her uncle help. I honestly might fell into her damn trap if I didn’t see your post I’m so GRETFUL!! HOPE YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK BY ANY CHANCE YOU ARE A GOOD MAN FOR WARNING PEOPLE ABOUT THIS!!!

  3. I only lost the money invested $ 3,000. But I didn’t pay them any more money, I realized it was a scam. At the moment I am trying to get my money back legally but I don’t think there is a good chance that I will get my money back.

    • If you can find the receipts and dates of your withdrawals go to your bank and tell them it was fraud then you can get your money back that way you can also go to the federal trade commission and tell them the situation and see if they’ll investigate

      • HI, the lady´s name is Lan, her cell phone is +852 6581 1480 or +852 6922 5890.

        She says that she live in Hong Kong, she has a fashion company

  4. Hi Josef
    As bibek question can you tell us the name of lady? As was contacted by one and just checking similarity.

  5. I am having the same situation. A lady is trying to convince me to go there, she provided me the support info at ID telegram : SPMT5x1568. Am looking into this and want to see what she is doing

  6. Sushi Global Investing. I would have almost fallen victim myself. Thanks to previous victims who have revealed that this is fraud. I recommend avoiding Asian women. Dating portals and sites are full of them. Be careful. Many thanks to googl and the victims who dared to tell their story.

  7. They’re scam and affiliated to anand koundal LTD invested scam. It’s been run by Chinese in Hong Kong and mostly use beautiful females with sweet words to Target their clients of better trading deals with the use of an expert teacher from wall Street. U trade and earn money but will never smells it.

  8. Good thing I always check. I was approached today by a young Asian lady from Hong Kong. She gave me the details of this broker Jessica. Jessica sent me a link to register. I think they get commission for referrals. Link had a referral code. Site looks fishy and I don’t like to send pictures of my card to anyone. So I googled and found this site. Good to know its a scam. I can block both of them now and keep my money 😁

  9. I was contacted by a 26 year old woman named Xiaohan from Malaysia who says she has a clothing business and is also a financial investor, she told me that we should become a couple and make investments together, I believed her. when it was time to withdraw I was asked for taxes for withdrawal and deposit for making a withdrawal and now she doesn’t answer me anymore by whatsApp


    • Xiao hon sent me a picture of herself guess what I saw ..on the table was a big pocket book sitting there. Name on the pocket Hon Xiao knew right then scammer. Sent me penlty of pictures to invest

  11. I don’t understand why you say so. I made money here. I am a good broker. I doubt that you are from the water army hired by other brokers. You serve them exclusively and blackmail other brokers! ! !

  12. Same story for me. Beautiful woman, in love with me. Going to meet in China or US and went back and forth for weeks. Brought up investing in oil to make money like she is. She showed statements of trades with profits of $20-30K several times. I was suspicious and did not setup the MT5 account with same Jessica but different UK telephone number as one of the guys above. Jessica wants passport info but hadn’t asked for credit card yet. The woman also suggested a small investment to start at $3K but we are in love so I should be willing to invest so much more. Don’t I trust her?

  13. Sie haben alle Recht!! Eine deme schreibt mir seit 3 monat. Sie will mir bei geldverdienen helfen! İhr onkek in Amerika gibt ihr hilfe stellung ! Wir habe. Auf demo konto ! Geld verdient! Als ich ein anderer Broker echten konto eröffnet habe sie auszutricksen! Hat die mit mir keine trade mehr gemacht!! Ha ha .ich wollte nicht über ihr Anbieter traden! Somit war klar das es um Betrug Handelt…zum Glück 3000€ überrweisung hat auch nicht geklappt 😂

  14. i. also trading from sushi but today i asked for withdrawl money from my account she told me you need 10k in your account what i do now. i have 2500 usd in account how can i withdrawl i am very poor i deposit my all saving in my account what i do now. i read your all coments and i am very dipressed tell me anyone pls

    • They opened q WhatsApp group with alot of people, and just as they were about to complete the withdrawal process, they closed down all accounts and they’re unreachable. Their exit scam was that they have a promotional period where if you deposit $10K ,you’ll get $12K. Luckily, I didn’t buy into that because I wanted to start small with $5K Unfortunately, I lost $5K, but I know alot of people who invested $10K,$20K, $30K,40K,$50K & More ! This is sad, extremely sad.

  15. hlo guys sushi global and smart global is fraud .stay away .she is a fucking smart and cunning laday.she will steal all ur earn8ngs

  16. This company is clearly a scam.

    A Chinese good looking girl starts talking to me in whatsapp as if she was contacting someone else and by mistake got the wrong number.

    I told her not to worry and she starts complementing me for being so understanding. Then she starts asking questions about my city as she wants to visit her friend in her wedding next month.

    Since she was nice and attractive I keep chatting and asking her about her life and so on. She says she’s from Singapore and owns a gold trading company which I don’t know what it is about.

    The next 2-3 days she texts all the time trying to get to know more about me and sending me photos. Soon enough she starts telling me how much money she’s making everyday with her investments and transactions. I was surprised but well didn’t care much.

    Then she offers me to teach me to invest and since some of my friends do it all the time I thought could be good to learn.

    So the lessons start by downloading Binance which I learned is an app to buy crypto. She tells me to buy 1k UsdT and then download an MT5 app to do the actual investment.

    Till there everything sounds legit as these are reputable apps, however the suspicious part starts when she sends you a link to register in the MT5 app.

    The link is to sushi investments company. I obviously googled them and read all these posts. So I tell her I don’t feel comfortable please guide me to withdraw my money from Binance.

    She then gives me an address for a wallet and tells me to transfer the money there and someone will contact me to give my bank details, couldn’t believe this part.

    But anyway I was curious to proof myself it was a scam so I transfer 9 UsdT to them. After some time she asked me if I transferred the money and I told her yes I got all the money back and she was like oh you don’t even say thank you for my help you’re not my friend (complete joke) then after I told her I knew is a scam she blocked me.

    Positive thinking. I learned how to buy and sell crypto with Binance for 9 Usd.

    Keep away from sexy Chinese girls talking out of the blue on WhatsApp

  17. I’ve also have fallen victim of this scam and lost over 10k… I tried to withdraw but they won’t let me complete the transaction. I know my money is probably gone…I still managed to keep talking to this female scammer from Hong Kong. She thinks I’m going to deposit more money so she keep trying to convince me… I was able to get several pictures of her including her Chinese ID from Hong Kong… Who can help me bring justice to this low life scammer. Sushi Global Limited Investing has been converted to Roden Global Limited…Beware I will find a way to bring her down, if anyone can help me much would be appreciated…I have proof of different pictures to bring her to justice, please help and point me to the right direction for everyone who has been scam will come to an end…

  18. Do you know who I can contact to get justice from these scammer… I have a picture ID from my scammer from Hong Kong

  19. Hey joe hi, as you know that they are scammers. Probably it is possible that all the identities will be fake including their pic also, id and etc. You have to try to collect real proof of them. Plz try to understand.

  20. I had been scammed for USD30K. the amount I had invested so far. My profit was USD51K. I requested to withdraw however they hold all funds because they requested another payment of USD16k for taxes… I said this is bullshit. until now they still holding my funds. Does anyone can assist me on this matter. Urgently require the money back asap.

  21. Hallo . ich habe das gleiche problem . ich wollte 65000 USD abheben
    da für soll ich aber erst 13500 steuern bezahlen dann bekomme ich mein geld ausgezahlt
    das ist ein betrug , ich habe zur zeit auf dem konto dort 245000 USDT und kann nichts auszahlen . eingezahlt habe ich 20000 USDT , ich glaube die werde ich nie wider sehen

  22. Sushi are total criminals. Beware a Lim Li Na, allegedly a Malaysian Chinese who owns half the world and is in NYC for business dealings. She will guide you through numerous FX trades and you will actually make a lot of money, but you won’t be able to withdraw a penny until you pre-pay 20-50% of withdrawal amounts (and never see a cent). Lies upon more lies, total thieves. However, they are changing their name now to something else and will do this every three months to throw people off the trail.

  23. Crooks, crooks, crooks. Beware a Lim Li Na, allegedly Malaysian Chinese living in NYC. You may make money in trade but never be able to withdraw a penny. Oh, Sushi will change name every 3 months and disappear…

  24. The name of the lady its Lisa or Tangxin ? And she owe s a beauty saloon !! And the parent s are leaving in Shentzen ?

  25. I meet a Lisa aka Tangxin , owe s beauty salon s in Hong Kong , uncle work on wall street , Oscar its the name of her cat !!!
    Did any of you chat with her ?

  26. I was scammed by Winhui Ye
    WhatsApp number: +852 5414 4853
    And her ‘Uncle’ Mr Lee +852 9770 6853
    Invested 6K made 255K
    Now my Sushi account is frozen

  27. I m invest $65000 but I can’t back my money. She’s name – Lisa zong. She’s living in Singapore told me. She’s face is very attractive This sushi global investment is a big scam in the world. Be careful every body

  28. Sushi Global and Anandkoundal now moved to Roden Global Limited. They have to keep moving and changing servers to stay ahead of the game.

    I lost money to these rats. Do not invest in overseas brokers. Stay within the borders of your respective country.

    I hope there can be a way to send these bastards to prison for a long time.

  29. sushi global investing is a scam and scam company… surely they made a simulation site on Google play to show people who invest their money, that they can earn a lot of money but once committed, they force them to pay imaginary and endless taxes while they can deduct their taxes from the gains obtained during the so-called transactions….we must find a way to bring these thieves to justice…

  30. They are a VAMPIRE SCAM !!!

    I was scammed by Lim Yan Hao
    WhatsApp number: +852 6616 2584
    Customer service number : +6011 6216 6540

    I hope there can be a way to send these bastards to prison for a long time.

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