littinvest is a scamming company

By k adjei, from United Kingdom, October 31, 2018 at 10:22 PM

This is a scamming company The main culprit is Justin Hill a Ghanaian. He is very dangerous man. Stay way from . I have been scammed of about $50k

Answer: Hi k adjei,

Hi k adjei

We are sorry to hear that. Can you share a bit more on your encouter? so other traders can avoid it. 

We have listed LittInvest on our broker to avoid list as they operate with no license. Find our full LittInvest review here. Our further finding, UK regulator FCA also issued an warning against LittInvest for targeting UK investors. You can find warning detail against LittInvest here

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  1. Vivian wong the company is just a scam they of all gone missing with our money what steps can we take how do we trace them

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