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By keytomarkets, from Italy, September 22, 2022 at 09:29 AM

Hi, I read your article about the broker KEYTOMARKETS LIMITED (WWW.KEYTOMARKETS.COM), you say in your article that the KEYTO MARKTES broker is FCA regulated and that it is a safe broker for traders, I wanted to steal a few minutes to tell you mine history and I hope you will inform people of what I am telling for their safety (of course I have evidence and documents to support my claims); I deposited money on the platform of this alleged financial company ( from February 2020 to March 2020, after encountering serious problems with their trading platform and reporting it to their complaints department (company compliance), my account was blocked along with access to my restricted area, I filed a complaint with the UK FOS (Financial Ombusdman Service) and they informed me that they would not be able to investigate my complaint as the broker had not entered the my account / account under their FCA jurisdiction and that my account had to be regulated by the FSCL in New Zealand as my account was placed under New Zealand jurisdiction; The FSCL of New Zealand informed me that the broker has no longer holds the license in New Zealand since 2018, it follows that my account was opened without a license and it is a financial abuse punishable by imprisonment !. Also the very famous newspaper WARNING TRADING and soon ABC Australia after having viewed the documentation and the evidence in my possession have decided to write an article about them to inform / alarm current clients and potential clients of the broker's possible conduct. Here is the link of the article Attached the documentation / evidence regarding what I affirm, PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL I remain available for clarifications and questions.

Answer: Hi keytomarkets,

In Forex trading it is important to pay close attention to regulation. In fact, different jurisdictions offer quite different trading conditions, and before signing with a broker, it is the first thing to check. As to finding ways to resolve your situation, you should try to search for further help, contact the broker’s customer support, and see how it can be helpful.

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