Crisscross withdrawal issues

By Seifeddine, from France, May 10, 2021 at 05:50 PM

I join the broker recently, after submitting 2200$ in my account and start making profit, i want to withdraw my benefit but the broker refuses that and told me i have to reach the threshold which is 5000$ and the minimum sum to withdraw is 5000$, please help me what to do.

Answer: Hi Seifeddine,

Crisscross (Hong Kong) Investment Holdings Limited claims to be an honest and reliable broker. However, we couldn’t find any signs of its reliability and honesty. The broker is NOT regulated and was not allowed to offer its services on the first place. There is no information about its authorisation in Hong Kong or any other country. Crisscross doesn’t share the terms and conditions, so the traders can’t know what they sign up for. In addition, the website is missing a lot of pages, they simply do not exist, and its not possible to check some of the trading conditions etc.

In your case, there is a small chance of getting your money back, especially your profits. They will not let you withdraw the amount you have made. We would advise you to try and withdraw your initial deposit and stop any trading with this broker ASAP and definitely do not invest more if they request. You should also report about these issue to your local financial regulator.

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  1. I had been braught to this broker 4-5 weeks ago.
    No withdrawl is working. We took of 25.000 usd send this amount to binance. It does not reach my account, but luckily it came back as depot to my account.
    Afterwadrs we tried to send money to my account in germany, that has been withdrwan., yes. but it never arrived. I got an information that this amount was frozen by world bank because of suspicious opportunities . . . unbelieveable

    • I also have not receive my withdrawal into my account. I deposited 500 usd as capital. After few weeks, i want to withdraw 2000 usd. They want me to pay 10% commission first, along with 5% fees. So it is 300 usd that i need to pay before i can withdraw 2000 usd. After i had pay them 300 usd, they blocked me on whatsapp. Cannot contact them anymore.
      Here are the person names and contact number.
      1. Ma Jin
      Phone number +85295877429
      2. Assistant Liu
      Phone number +85259307317
      3. Miss Huang
      Phone number +85266703862

      • same goes me, i starting invest usd1k, after i trade 1 month i get usd13k, then I wan make a withdraw money. they wont let me withdraw my money. request a lot term, before withdraw must pay commission first then he will proceed for withdraw, so i transfer 500usd suddenly he request 1kusd, i felt this guy already scam me. i wont transfer more my money.

        Here are the person names and contact number.
        1. Ma Jin
        Phone number +85295877429
        2. Assistant Liu
        Phone number +85259307317
        3. Miss Huang
        Phone number +85266703862
        4. 张亿东老师
        phone number +852 5935 9740
        5.Miss Yuxin
        phone number +852 5340 6584

        scammer from hong kong …

  2. Crisscross (Hong Kong) Investment Holdings Limited 我在这家公司也无法进行取款,请问有什么方法可以解决,因为无法联系到交易所

    • Yes. Man, it happend same to me.
      I try to withdraw money. The assistant told me the minimum withdrawal is 20 000$ but I have to pay 10% commission, so I payd 2000$ , the next day nothing happend. I contacted asistent and she told me they just change the rules and minimum withdrawal is 50 000$ So I need to pay 3000$ more to aply for withdrawal.
      I did it. And she told me the money will be transfered in one day…. Nothing happend. And answer of asistent was ” Honey,your account did not pass the risk assessment before, the system is now reassessing your account, so the withdrawal will not be processed within a week.So you need to wait a week for the withdrawal to be processed.
      It has been already 4 weeks and she keep saying every week same… wait for few more days.

  3. The problem of crisscross (hk) investment holdings limited is not regulated. I try withdraw the money after i got profit 30000usd and they need me pay 10%commissions. Then i pay already and now they want more money for me withdraw money. It said taxable but the problem is they start using Facebook dating match scam me to forex trap.

  4. 首先非常感谢贵公司帮助我赚取一笔可观利润,我可以知道贵公司应该是否有一个系统,当我进行提款的时候,直接从我的账户扣除佣金吗? 现在我感到痛苦,因为我没有足够的钱来支付佣金。谢谢!

    是通过 彭文生老师(+852 5305 2080)的协助赚取一笔资金。

      • 我现在也是中一模一样的问题。。资金500美金想提现。需而外付10%佣金750美金。+852 5305 8020 彭文生

    • 彭文生老师(+852 5305 2080)我也一样。同一个人,不要给佣金,不然我怕你什么都拿不回。我报警和跟银行投诉才拿回一部分钱。现在还在等警察解决中,我还是不能完全信任这个老师。你们小心

  5. Same to us. To my friends and me. He not showed us his broker Certificate and he said we have to take out half from the Profite. I said im the customer and i Tell you how much i take out. He said sometimes my mt5 Account will be cleared. He changed his Name a Lot at the eadtwest Bank. We have lost a lot and we are talking now with Washington.

  6. MY crisscross (hk) investment holdings limited

    I came across a girl online as well who lied her name is Claire and introduced me to their analyst Daria.

    I invested $2400 and at $6400 I wanted to withdraw and they came up with the excuse the policy has changed and I need to reach $10,000.

    I worked hard and got to $11,000 and requested a withdrawal of $2,500 since June 3rd, 2021 today is the 20th and the profile shows audit review.

    The whole process is a scam . They are all the same scheme. As mentioned above they use dating sites and other means to scheme and cheat people. [ They claim they have businesses and have made so much money showing people pictures of themselves or fake profiles in other countries.



    The world is more of an online community now and these people are taking too much advantage of this.

  7. Crisscross HK investment is big SCAM from Hong Kong.
    I payed 10% fee for withdrawal month ago.
    I’ve been waiting 4 weeks for withdrawal. After one month they told me, that my account has negative balance so I can’t withdraw any money.
    They using dating app to catch a ruch people to scam them.

    +852 6644 8410
    +852 5982 0864
    +852 9075 1618
    +852 9569 7029

  8. Hello, I am Gerhard from Germany.
    They asked me for money to withdraw money. I payed everything they asked me for.
    I didnt get withdrawal over 2 months.
    How can I get my money back? Please help me.

  9. gerhard ich habe schon oft versucht die EastWest Bank zu kontaktieren , doch die antwortet nie……vielleicht hast du mehr Glück oder wir müssen halt alle zusmmenspannen

    • Yes. We have to connect and stay together all of us against this fucking scamers from Hong kong

  10. Hello. This is unbelievable. As I see, we all have same issues with Hong kong SCAMERS.
    I joined to crisscross trading group 2 months ago. They use dating app as tinder to catch people by beautiful chinese girls. All in the group using fake accounts and shows to us how they make a lot of money, how they get withdrawal.
    I asked one month ago for withdrawal And customer service told me, that I have to pay 10% fee first. So I payed it. And than every day some excuses why I can’t withdraw any money. I contacted them every day. They clear my account and told me,there is nothing to withdraw, so I asked why? And I haven’t got any answer.
    They blocked my number.

  11. 我们都是受害者,所以要团结一致报警告发这些无良的骗子。别让更多人成为受害者,要让骗子们也一样付出代价

  12. i am having the same experience like you guys. please update me if you guys have any solutions on this. i will join in to go against them.

  13. Ich habe mittlerweile 3.680.000 USD da drauf mit 13.000 angefangen . Habe neuen Kontakt aufgebaut und versuche alles an Infos zu bekommen was geht . Die sind echt sauer auf mich weil ich der CNN / CIA / HONK KONG GOv. / Chin gov. / der Polizei die eastwest Bank/ NY TIMES etc geschrieben habe und denen meine Story erzählt habe . Leute meldet alle alles was überall geht und schickt die Nummern dabei. Ich habe mittlerweile eine so kranke Liste in meinem Email Fach weil ich die ÜBERALL melde was mir nur einfällt. Jetzt habe ich ein neuen vo crisscross kennen gelernt mit den mach ich auf dicke Hose er hat mein account wieder hergestellt etc PP . Nur um nocj mehr melden zu können und wieder und wieder. Iwas muss da mal passiert sein weil ich angeschrieben wurde mit ZITAT: Of course, now that the MT4 accounts have been eliminated, all of them have been upgraded to MT5. At the beginning, you abused me and suspected US, so I didn’t help you transfer your account

    Leute haltet zusammen und meldet alles was geht!

    Ich kann euch da auch ne übele Story erzählen die seit intan trading geht ! Bevor er fah investment bevor es crisscross war.

  14. Same to me. After I payed 15% fee for analyst team. I asked to withdraw money, they request to me to pay 10% fee of withdrawal amount. So I payed all of it.
    My withdrawal never come. It has been already 2 months. After I sent question where us my withdrawal every day, they blocked my number.

    Leťs make group chat and join against to crisscross SCAMERS.

    Here is my contact number : +420 739 604 944. Please contact me.

  15. Bonjour pour moi c’est pareil il veulent pas que je retire avant d’avoir payer une commission c’est que j’ai refusé j’ai dépose 1000 usd

    Ajouter moi sur mon WhatsApp 0033661676845

  16. Hello everyone who has been scamed by crisscross. I reported this shit company to Hong kong police department and they will investigate it.
    If you want to report crisscross company to Hong kong police please do it as soon as possible by email:

  17. I am also a victim of this MT5-scam. I was connected through whatsapp-text from a lady. I informed that I am not the person whom she is looking for but sooner they behave like a best friend. In 1-2 days, she explained her interest in inside trading and making more money through an analyst.
    I was convinced somehow and opened an account, and deposited 3500 USD through wire transfer. I traded for 1 week and accumulated approx 152K USD. When I asked for withdrawal, then they were asking for an additional 20% tax deposit in advance. When I said, I can’t send them additional amount as I don’t have any, then they withdwared all the amount and made the balance zero.

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