By Raquel Gaskin Forbes, from Trinidad and Tobago, January 7, 2021 at 11:00 PM

I invested US $200.00 ON 7/1/2021 and they supposedly made $5,000. at the end of the trading day but the request that I pay 10% of the earning up front as a trader's fee. I told them to deduct it out of the earnings and give me the rest but I have to pay them from my personal bank account and then they will release the funds to me. Is this a scam? The person I've been dealing with is Thomas Garcia, Net Forex Income, ltd.

Answer: Hi Raquel Gaskin Forbes,

Net Forex Income is an offshore registered company, in Seychelles. Seychelles is a popular offshore zone and we always recommend to avoid such companies as they are not overseen by any reputable authority or even worse – they run an investment scam. Net Forex Income has all the chances to be considered as a scam company as they don’t provide any regulatory information, as well as their contact details, address or even terms and conditions for the traders to understand what they are getting into.

We would advise you NOT to invest more in order to release your funds, because the chances are quite high you won’t be able to withdraw anything invested. Also, try to withdraw smaller amounts of your initial investment. You can report about this issue to your local regulatory authority.

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