Is a legitimate company?

By Anonymous, from South Africa, December 12, 2019 at 11:03 AM

i have been approached by crypto currency trading company Is this a legitimate company. Where are they registered and licensed?

Answer: Hi Anonymous,

SwissCapital is a NOT regulated broker. The company doesn’t provide any information about its regulation  or location. Judging by the provided on the website phone number, SwissCapital should be located in Switzerland. However, it is not listed in the Swiss regulator’s register.

Moreover, Swiss regulator FINMA has warned against SwissCapital. You can read more about this warning in our post.

We recommend you to avoid unregulated brokers and choose from the Regulated entities.

One response to “Is a legitimate company?”

  1. Minus stars for Swiss Capital FM. Absolute screaming scam. Do not under any conditions give them your money.
    Do not entertain their calls, they will lure you in, their silver tongued agents will charm you, ‘convince’ you to part with your hard earned cash with promises of great returns. One of those agents, Milana Scholl, not her real name, is responsible for losing peoples money, including mine. I’ve seen her mentioned in a few reviews – she’s a liar and a fraud. Don’t know how she sleeps at night!
    She built up my account to over 8k, and within 2 days blew the lot using some crazy extreme high risk trading. And then had the gall to try to get me to hedge the trades!!
    I hope and pray that this company and their unscrupulous account managers get the comeuppance that is due them.

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