Is Fogee Limited Server is real Company or Fake

By Sachin Kumar Gour, from India, January 4, 2022 at 05:43 PM

Fogee Customer service ask me to pay 30% tax what I earned through Trading on MT5. Why they are asking to pay Tax & why they are not cut the tax fees from our profits what we earned on MT5. I think they are making fool to lot’s of people.Be alert everyone from FOGEE limited server.

  • Is Fogee Limited Server Is Real Company Or Fake
Answer: Hi Sachin Kumar Gour,

Fogee claims to be a global online foreign exchange and CFD broker. According to our research, it seems like there is a bunch of similar broker Fogee brokers which are only the clones of the original company and their only goal is to delude the traders and take their money. There is no information about brokers regulation on the website, also, no contact details or else.

Unfortunately, there is a small chance of getting your money back as Fogee seems to be one of those brokers that simply disappear after taking your money or just asking for more. We would recommend to report about this issue to your local financial authority.

We never advise trading with a non-licensed broker, since the financial investment service they deliver is not trustable. The reason is simple, the broker may promise the most ever competitive trading conditions or the trading environment, yet the trader has no any guarantee from the official entities that oversee the Forex industry. Thus the engagement to trading with such a companies means the trader will believe only on the broker’s words, and of course, it is a high risk.

12 responses to “Is Fogee Limited Server is real Company or Fake”

  1. Yes , Fogee is fake company, they ask for money and tax payment when we ask for withdrawal. One lady name is lisa who contact people make them to trade. Please be careful.

  2. A me per prelevare hanno richiesto una certificazione avanzata con ID e real name che non so cosa sia ed infine mi hanno chiesto di versare il 50% dell’importo del portafoglio.

  3. Yes this is total fake I invest money after borrow from somewhere but that girl har name Linda cheat on me now I m in trouble how can I pay my debt i m very disappointed

  4. Sono giunto a conclusione che Fogee è una grande truppa diffidate di persone che vi contattano chiedendo di fare trading una di queste ha un account istangram come Alginactub Li Li jun vi chiede un contatto w up per circuirvi e togliervi soldi.

  5. I am unable to withdraw my $3000, please help, dorothy was the agent contacted me from capital dynamics and now she disappeared.

    • Even i am
      Not able to withdrawal amount from account
      Even i have invested a huge amount…. I have borrowed from someone now i am
      Facing a problem….. and now they all are not responding…..

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