Is Dailyfx-pro legit or scam?

By AKKI, from United States, June 22, 2022 at 07:09 PM

Is Dailyfx-pro legit or scam? Is this company regulated and does it have good standings with customers for withdrawals? I am working with a manager who is guiding me through the process but they are asking me to invest more to unlock the account and are saying that the software can crash if it is not maintained. So, I need to upgrade to reactivate the account and request withdrawal. I wanted to know if there are any customers with experience trading with this company and would recommend working with this company?

Answer: Hi AKKI,

Unfortunately, the broker’s website is cannot be reached, which is already a red flag, as it seems like it was either banned or simply disappeared along with all the traders investments. We were not able to find any information about this firm online. We would recommend reporting about this issue to your local regulatory authority  so they can investigate the case.

2 responses to “Is Dailyfx-pro legit or scam?”

  1. It’s a huge scam, you know it when they ask you to pay money for your profits than you know you have been scammed

    • OMG. I just paid my taxes. I wished I have read this first. My account is in pending for 14 days before I can make a withdrawal. I will get back here and let people know.

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