Is fitter-fx scam or not?

By Anonymous, from United Kingdom, May 17, 2021 at 09:03 PM

Can there be checked if fitterfx global limited is a registrated broker? Only very few information about this company I have allready found on Though I have a strange feeling about this company. No reviews to be found. Communication goes by and also by “Customer Service Mt5 Whatsapp group” having the mobile phone number +44 7419 546017. I have uploaded last part of the whatsapp conversation and here below an email I received: 14 mei 2021 14:25 (3 dagen geleden) aan mij Oorspronkelijk bericht weergeven Hello, we received your email. We checked your MT5 account because you have received our VIP deposit bonus and you have already used the bonus for trading. MT5VIP bonus rules: You can choose to receive a bonus when the deposit reaches the corresponding deposit bonus standard. Of course, if you get VIP deposit bonus, your account must reach VIP level to withdraw money. Regarding what you mentioned in the question: can the bonus be refunded to MT5? Sorry, this is not enough, because you have chosen to receive this bonus, and your bonus has been used for trading. Therefore, the answer to this question is very clear. Your withdrawal is now waiting to be transferred. Of course, you need to deposit your account into VIP first, and you can withdraw any funds in your account at any time. Thank you for your support of MT5. I wish you a happy day! ——–Original message——– Subject: Requirements for becoming a VIP From: Dries _1 Date: Thursday, May 13, 2021, 1:44 AM Recipient: Dear Mr, Since I made a deposit on account 150161 and asked for a deposit bonus, I did not understand the VIP arrangement. I would like to receive complete information on how to become a VIP and what is involved. Are there other restrictions/possibility? Waiting for your response, Sincerely, Dry ries

  • Is Fitter-fx Scam Or Not?
Answer: Hi Anonymous,

Fitterfx Global Limited is a Forex broker that claims to be regulated in the UK. However, as expected, this company does not hold a license from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. Also, it doesn’t seem like the broker is regulated by any other authority. There are no proper trading conditions provided on the website, so the traders do not know what they get into. The firm does not share any contact details (except for an email), and the website itself looks very messy and not in order. These are the major red flags that notify traders that Fitterfx cannot be trusted.

As to your issue, you definitely should stop investing more with this company. This whole thing with a VIP arrangement looks like a scam, so you should be really careful and not trust them on it. Try to withdraw small amounts of your initial withdrawal. You can also report to your local authority FCA about this issue.

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  1. I fell into the exact same trap… Anything that you have been able to do about it? I’ve filed a report with the local police, without too much hope. Trying to reach out to Binance support and Metatrader as well now, and apparently there could be some companies specialized in recovering stolen crypto assets – but there are also plenty of scams there, so I’m still researching this. If anyone has any other advice… welcome.

  2. Unfortunately I am on the same boat. Feel so stupid. So many red flags that I ignored. Do you guys have any leads? Anything that can be done?

  3. Hi

    Is this related specifically to a special “VIP” deposit bonus or have you had trouble withdrawing/accessing funds after accepting the regular deposit bonus?

  4. In my case they demand to pay tax in advance. They have also deleted my account. This is all fake, the “bonus” is no real money.

  5. I ran into the same problem, but it has now been successfully resolved. I can accept such regulations. I also successfully charged and reached the required VIP level. Then you can withdraw money smoothly. This is not a scam. Maybe the current cryptocurrency trading volume is relatively large, so with such regulations, I solved this problem. This is a trusted broker.

  6. Guys it is a scam for sure. Question is if any of you were able to get in touch with Binance to try and recover the transferred funds? I am struggling to get in touch with them. Any links would be appreciated.

    • I am also on the same boat, my account now has been deleted and agents stop responding messages. Binance cannot do anything, once the money wired out, they cannot retrieve.
      Is this the whatsapp number acted as MT5 agents +44 7419 546017 you have been in contacted with?

  7. I was also asked to pay some taxes, otherwise they freeze the account. I tried to contact Binance a few days ago but still no feedback…
    How did that happen to you guys, and which country are you from?
    For me, it happened through online dating, and I am Swiss. I filed a police report, although they told me there is not much hope to recover the money. Wondering I should try to report elsewhere as well.

    • What do you mean it happened through online dating? I have also met someone online who introduced me to this broker but I think the person is legit

  8. I was also introduced to the website through on line dating in England. So be careful.
    3 people so far

    • To tell you the truth, I have used this broker for many years without any problems at all. I don’t know if these people do not understand foreign exchange or make malicious comments due to some kind of market competition. Of course, I have no problems with every deposit and withdrawal, this is a regular regulated broker

      • What liar are you? I have asked the FCA, the broker is unregulated. Also they have locked my account. The NFA certificate is a fake. See wikifx. I have paid the tax and don’t get my money. They have told me to delete my account if I don’t pay. You have used it for many years? The broker is not one year old. In my case Police and Binance is already involved.

      • This person is obviously confabulated with them to make everybody confused.

        fitter-fx is a group of scammers that find desperate people on date apps and get a slut to convince them to put all their money in this broker. The broker is full of rude support who threatens the users with freezing their account, and by this time is too late. Tehy let you do small transactions and get some money back as a bait.

        Sometimes the slut will “help you” to close the gap and make you flush more money down the drainage.

        Do you want to believe the slut? say good bye to your money.

        Do you want to follow the threats of the customer support? say good bye to your money.

        Do you want to open an account with this broker? say good bye to your money.

        Do you want to feel like a stupid when you go ask for loans to make the initial investment and then lose all your money?

        Then choose fitter-fx. The biggest regret of your life, guaranteed.

  9. The Fitter-forex global (formerly Fitter-fx”) is a SCAM !!! SCAM!! SCAM!!!!!

    They prefer that you transfer USDT from Binance to their Wallet so it cannot be retrieved easily.


    They mainly target people in rich countries and cities Frankfurt, GERMANY, Zurich, Switzerland, UNITED KINGDOM, FRANCE, HONG KONG, China also etc.

    They can get to you through most popular dating apps. ( The scammer would claim he/she can’t speak good English, but would chat with you in perfect English or any other preferred language)

    They are based in Hong Kong SAR, China and go for holiday in Sydney, Australia and mostly Europe.

    Some evil girl on a dating site introduced me to the company.

    The same lie of VIP status of 10,000USDT before you can make a withdrawal.

    I got to that VIP level and then requested a withdrawal.

    Only for the company (Fitter-Forex Global) to turn around say I have to pay Capital gains Tax of 5% of the withdrawal request into my own account first before I can make a withdrawal. (VERY NONSENSICAL TALK)

    long story short…..

    They never paid me my money.

    Subsequently, My real account was banned and I could not longer login again.

    Customer care +44 7419546017 was a Two-faced lying despicable, hypocritical clown who was trying desperately to convince me that not paying tax first into my own trading account before withdrawal is a CRIME and that my trading account would be permanently deleted in 7days after the withdrawal request is made especially if I don’t pay their so called Taxes.


    THAT’S HOW I LOST OVER 15,000USDT OF MY OWN HARD EARNED REAL MONEY AND SAVINGS to the Fitter-Global Fx “so called Real account”

    NOTE: its not that I lost the money while trading, but the real money I had deposited (by first buying UDST crypto currency) on Binance and transferring it to “their wallet” which I thought was my wallet at the time.

    I have already traded for several months and made over 3 millions USDT.

    Too Bad, its all FAKE!!!!!!

    Be warned !!!!

    • Also victim here. How do you know where they are based and who/which countries are their targets? Any actions you’ve taken to try to recover your deposit?

  10. 缴税是一件很正常的事,纳税是每个公民应尽的义务,如果你缴不起税款可以寻找其他办法,而不是故意抹黑平台,我在这个经纪商里获得了收益,也成功纳税,成功提款,这是一个很简单的做法,是你不能理解,而不是这个平台有问题

    • Another fake comment… One just needs to go to the NFA or FCA website to see that this scam broker is not registered with them as it claims to be

    • 没错


      fitter-fx = 骗子

  11. I was also a victim of this fraud. They seem to have started these fraud practices in China, got people scammed big time. I know of one case of a Chinese lady getting scammed by a “boy” lover from a dating app, and instead of WhatsApp they use WeChat but it is the same dirty mechanics.

    And as someone has pointed out in the comments before, these honorless people are now targeting European countries, where the popularity of this scam is less known than nowadays in China. Usually they claim to be from Hong Kong to portray a feeling of financial security but they may as well be from any other part less developed from mainland China (most likely the case as they are not used to traditional Chinese characters as in Hong Kong, or even the most basic things about high-end places like restaurant etiquette and stuff which are characteristic from Hong Kong. How do I know? Well the evidence from the WhatsApp conversations I had with my supposed “Chinese girlfriend” from the dating app).

    Unfortunately, I got aware of the massive number of red flags at a late stage, when these shameful scammer group got a hold of mostly all of my savings and even got me in a state of debt for 10 years with the bank!!! They came with this dirty talk about paying them taxes directly to the same crypto wallet they opened for me. That’s just plain stupid.

    Disgusting, shameful scammers, the most honorless people I have ever ran into. I wish I would have donated all that money, savings, and debt money, towards a charitable organization and not to the lowest scum of humanity possible that turned out to be these scamming parasites.

  12. Just like everybody said Fitter-forex is an exit SCAM.

    The website no longer exist and the MT5 app has deleted everyone account.

    @ Fitter-forex is a Bloody SCAM!!!

    Also be careful the scammers are probably rebranding to continue their SCAM.

    @ fitter-forex 是一個退出騙局。

  13. je suis victime de ce courtier qui était à la base et qui est devenu aujourd’hui
    j’ai pu effectuer 3 retrait sans aucun problème et au bout du 4ème retrait on me demande de faire un dépot de 10.000 dollars pour devenir un client VIP et ensuite je pourrai effectuer des retraits en illimités.
    J’ai perdu tout mon argent en investissant chez ce maudit courtier.

    fitter forex = INPC ——> Grosse arnaque

  14. is a SCAM !!!!!

    They the same people as fitter-forex, they just created another clone website

    INPC-FX = Former FITTER-FOREX.COM ——> BIG SCAM !!!!!

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