I want to know about this broker Www.Ofmguk.com

By Prakash Giri, from Australia, January 11, 2021 at 03:51 AM

Hi Would you be able to find out about this broker? I have lost a huge amount of money trading with this broker. I want to know more about this company if it’s legit or not? The guy who claims to be working with this company always ask me to deposit huge amount and I lost everything because of him. He still asks me to deposit and trade when I already lost 40k aud with one trade. He never lets me trade with small amount. Always want to trade with big amounts.

  • I Want To Know About This Broker
Answer: Hi Prakash Giri,

Original Forex Management Group seems to be just another scam company. They do not provide any regulatory information, contact details are not clear. The broker claims to be located in the UK, however, it is not authorised by the local Financial Conduct Authority, which means it cannot offer its financial Services to the public.

This all means you would be advised to stop trading with this broker and most importantly stop investing more with this broker. Unfortunately, there is a small chance of getting any of your funds back. You can try and report about this issue to your local financial regulatory authority.

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