Is CME Investment Firm BV safe or not?

By Stefano Lisi, from Italy, March 30, 2021 at 05:46 AM

Hello, I found some suspicious activities with this trading website. Can you please help me understand if this is legit or scam. Thank you

Answer: Hi Stefano Lisi,

We have checked the information about CME Investment Firm BV broker. It seems like the broker is supervised and regulated throughout Europe, as all the regulatory details are legit and can be found in the registers of the regulators. The regulators are also quite reliable, including Belgian FSMA and Dutch AFM.

However, there is a clone company that has the same name as CME Investment Firm but is NOT regulated, so we would advise to be attentive .

If you have any issues with this broker or any suspicious activities, you can always report about it to your local regulator or one of the regulators mentioned above.

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  1. Hi, yes this is confirmed as a scam. We are proceeding in legal ways. If someone has the same issue please contact me, we are already 6 people proceeding towards this scam with a strong joint action.

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