Bedbrook International Fraudulent website

By Michael, from Australia, May 3, 2021 at 01:58 AM

Bedbrook International lure investors by claiming to be a licenced Australian Forex broker. I have uploaded screenshots of their website where they make these false claims. They have pirated the name of another ASIC licenced Business "Bedbrook Partners" who are investment consultants located in Perth Western Australia. Again these claims made by Bedbrook International are false and I have contacted the principal Australian Financial Services Licence holder of Bedbrook Partners who has confirmed this. He has complained to ASIC about this fraud as have I. I'm happy to provide details if required. Bedbrook International are unregulated brokers and they are practicing a widespread funds defrauding scam upon innocent investors across Australia, Hong Kong, and the USA. This is plainly evident on your website's forum in relation to this company. They should be listed in the Brokers to Avoid category ASAP. Thank you for your consideration to review this info.

  • Bedbrook International Fraudulent Website
  • Bedbrook International Fraudulent Website
  • Bedbrook International Fraudulent Website
Answer: Hi Michael,

We appreciate you sharing all this information about Bedbrook International broker, which is indeed an unregulated firm that should be avoided. Bedbrook International  is just a clone of an ASIC-regulated Bedbrook Partners company. Clone firms use some or all of the details of a genuine entity, aiming to convince investors they are indeed the authorized company or that they work with them. Fraudsters usually use this tactic when contacting people out of the blue, so you should be especially wary if you have been cold called. They may use the name of the genuine firm, the ‘firm reference number’ (FRN) we have given the authorised firm or other details. Such companies should be avoided at all costs.

When engaging with brokers that do not operate on the grounds of a valid license, issued from a trustworthy authority, traders are putting their investments at higher risk. It is better to avoid dealing with unregulated brokerages and choose properly regulated and reliable brokers.

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  1. Thank you very much for publishing this review.
    Whilst the Bedbrook International scammers website remains active, I see they have now removed these ASIC regulatory claims which hopefully may help future victims to avoid the mistake of dealing with these criminals.

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