Finding a broker by certain criteria

By Fabian, from Germany, March 13, 2019 at 07:29 PM

Hi, I’m looking for a broker with these features: -MT5 platform -Cent accounts or Micro/Nano accounts -Swap (rollover fee) free or at least fair positive/negative swap -No commission -Leverage of at least 1:200 RoboForex has all of that, except that swap is always negative, which is not fair. I have checked about 30 different brokers manually, but I did not find a website where I can search with the above mentioned criteria. Can you help me with that? Thank you very much, Fabian

Answer: Hi Fabian,

Hi Fabian

Thanks for the question. If you are from Europe, You will only get leverage 1:30 with the retail client account from any european broker or professional investor account for the higher leverage. Another option you can go with an offshore broker or Australian broker. In this case you can go with RoboForex, FXTM or XM. 

Some of us here at work in forex brokers before. Swap is always negative. It is part of their risk management policy. 

We hope that answer your question. 

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