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By Hj, from Australia, June 15, 2020 at 11:39 AM

Hello, I’ve recently made an MT5 account through this broker called eternal Wealth Group but I’m not sure if they are legit. There website looks kind of sketchy and its hard to find contact information to reach them. It’s also very hard to find information about them online. I found a document online with there AFS licenece number. This broker uses the same licence number: I dont know if it’s the same company with different names or if they just use the same fake Licence number. Eternal Wealth Group claim to have headquarter in Sedney but have branches in HK amongst other places. I got in contact with an account manager through a new friend of mine. This account mangager told me to send money to an account in the UK to make a deopsite of 5000 US dollars. Please look this broker up and contact me if you have any questions. 

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Answer: Hi Hj,

Both and are unregulated companies. Their websites are identical and provide the same fake regulation information. Eternal Wealth FX claims to be regulated by ASIC under the registration number427848, however, there is no such entity registered by ASIC:

Also, with the branches in the US and Hong Kong, the broker would need to be authorized in these countries as well, which is definitely not the case here. For a broker who has been on the market since 2007, the Eternal Wealth has literally no reviews or any other kind of feedback from its clients, which looks quite suspicious and not very trustworthy.

Therefore, we recommend avoiding Eternal Wealth FX, as the broker is not regulated and investing with it may cause a lot of troubles.

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  1. J’ai mis beaucoup de capital et j’ai gagné beaucoup d’argent sur la plateforme MT5 mais quand j’ai demandé à retirer mon capital on m’a demandé de payer une taxe de 30% avant de me rendre le retrait. J’ai porté plainte auptres de la Police de Hong Kong

    • Hi, I have the same issue…. Invested a lot and won good money….im trying to redeem now but it is not possible… Did you have any luck with the police in HK?

  2. I put in a lot of capital and made a lot of money on the MT5 platform but when I asked to withdraw my capital I was asked to pay a 30% tax before I could return the withdrawal. I filed a complaint with the Hong Kong Police.

  3. Hi, a friend that I met online also told me that I can do great benefits if I follow her trades, everything seemed very real, she even sent 100k USD on my account and appeared as “real” on my MT5 account. I made operations for her and get 10% of the benefits and asked me to put 5k USD on the account to trade with her. When I said that I will use the benefits of the operations to trade, then she decided to take off the money so I withdrawal the money for her. She then asked me to put 5K USD on the account, but I refused. The weird thing was that I wasn’t able to withdrawal the 600$ that I maid when I did the operations for her so I was suspicious. I really think it was a very very well done scam. The entire story is longer and crazy.

    • Exactly, her uncle to be exact ! It was very strange and confusing on many points which are :
      1- she sent 100k USD on the account and that money appeared as real on MT5
      2- I spoke with two persons of eternal wealth and the sent me picture of their badges
      3- She sent me her live localization and it was in Paris
      4- It was a Chinese woman and she sent me and vocal note on WhatsApp with my name and pronounced by a Chinese girls (recognized the accent ) my real name is not Josh but a french name and she said it on the vocal note so it is sure that a was speaking with a girl.
      5- I made a demo account to follow her trades at first and every trade was winning and accurate. She used to trade with very hight leverage and very little price difference between take profit and stop loss.

      Please let me know about your experience too. Sorry for bad English 🙂

          • Ditto means that I got the same thing from her. #5 on your list is the same for me. As someone else mentioned in this thread, the trade prices she used does not match market execution prices and in some instances the market did not hit those prices. This is all a sham with the MT5 software to create market prices that show a profit. The prices are coming into MT5 from Eternal Wealth because when you initially install MT5, the BTC option is not there. It only shows up after you link Eternal Wealth demo account.

            I think we should all ask for nude pics from her when she gets excited about making money because the market is so good to her. Hahaha.

      • Hi josh this girl done the same with me, her Facebook name is (Wei Xue) can you please have a look and tell me if it’s the same girl. Thank you

    • Exactly, her uncle to be exact ! It was very strange and confusing on many points which are :
      1- she sent 100k USD on the account and that money appeared as real on MT5
      2- I spoke with two persons of eternal wealth and the sent me picture of their badges
      3- She sent me her live localization and it was in Paris
      4- It was a Chinese woman and she sent me and vocal note on WhatsApp with my name and pronounced by a Chinese girls (recognized the accent ) my real name is not Josh but a french name and she said it on the vocal note so it is sure that a was speaking with a girl.
      5- I made a demo account to follow her trades at first and every trade was winning and accurate. She used to trade with very hight leverage and very little price difference between take profit and stop loss.

      Also, I met her on an online website and I started talking about Bitcoin and trading, she didn’t. She spoke a lot of other things apart from trading and almost never spoke about that at first. So if it’s a scam it’s a very well done one, I understand people who got scammed. I’m still not sure it was one even if many things are suspects.

      Please let me know about your experience too.

  4. Josh, you and I must have been talking to the same woman. She wanted me to send a $5,000USD deposit to a man in HK, not Eternal Wealth. She almost scammed me. Went by the English name of Jess. She is a low life scammer.

    I also copied two of there URL.s and sent emails that bounced back.

    • I have been being groomed by a lady in Hong Kong, using the name Dong. She has been working with me on an Eternal Wealth demo. She has not asked for money yet, but I feel that is coming soon. She also claims her uncle is a banker and financial advisor who guides her. Another claim is a branch of the firm is in Miami. Sound familiar??

  5. I traded with this company it is a scam, I can not get my money back out of the trading platform. The address is Australia is false it’s a shared service office I called them and Eternal Wealth was never there

    • Gt,

      Same story here. a lady named Dung contacted me and a very soft sell in the beginning. No pressure yet, but tutored me on a demo account. I was almost ready to invest, but ended up checking here. It doesn’t sound like a real deal. I think I will pass. Thanks to all of you that posted these stories. It was helpful in saving me serious money.


  6. Hey Guys,
    I also have contact to a girl who’s uncle has certain knowledge about the market and provides her with information. I created an demo account for testing and it was a little bit suspicious for me because she asked me than about an real account. I created another demo account by an real broker and compared the charts then. What should I say, the charts they use are fake… the market she tells us about never exist. I’m comparing it now for 5 days and everytime the real market never makes such a movement.

  7. Hi, I think I may be getting groomed for the same pitch. Lady using name Dong, in Hong Kong. In family business supposed to have an uncle in banking and finance guiding her. Mentioned a branch business in Miami. She has been coaching me on a demo program. Has not asked for funds yet but feel that show is about to drop.Please let me know if any of this is familiar.

  8. The original company- Eternal wealth group Pty limited does not deal with any forex trading. The hong Kong based eternal wealth are using their ASIC number. Like you all guys I met hong Kong based girl on social media & asked me to invest 100k so that I can make 50% every month, too good to believe. I lost money. So please don’t fall into their trap. They only use what’s app, they don’t talk you over the phone. Seeing all your experiences I am also a victim of this scam

    • I’m sorry to hear that JK, how much did you lost ?
      The scam is incredible and very well made. They even sent me the bank transfer papers when she sent me the 100k USD. Everything looked so real. So we are 100% sure it’s a scam ?

        • Just ask yourself this one question: “Why am I so lucky?” If you can justify that answer, then fall into the scam.

      • Josh – how did you get her to send you 100k USD?
        I think I met the same girl (on whatsapp) same background but her name is emily.

        • She just sent it to me because she said she had too much money on her own account and it’s forbidden because her uncle is a famous trader. She told me that I will get 5% of all profits she makes. Then I told her that I will not need to invest 5k as I will use the profits to invest. We only did one operation and then asked me too withdrawal the money on her account. As I am an honest guy, I sent it to her.

  9. Its a well organized Money heist or should I call Forex heist. Professor is the lady jess, Dong, yo yo, Emily or Amy. Its embarrassing, I lost the money through a girl I met on a social media platform. I kept quiet all these days, but after reading all your experiences decided share mine. Hope financial regulators or hong Kong police take action.

  10. I think i got the same thing, very well played from them.
    I never thought i could fall for a scam, ever!
    There’s always a first i think.
    I have money in my mt5 account which i can’t withdraw now.

    I’m thinking how to get it back but doesn’t look promising

  11. I am thinking I’m on the same boat, but the Hong girl has not pressure or ask me to deposit money in the account , just recharge what ever I am comfortable, but it is through the enternalwealth broker 😓😓 no uncle or access to her account, or deposit into My account.
    We have been talking for over half a year every day. Is she still cat fishing me? Or am I over thinking? I have deposited $2,000 into mt5, before a few months ago there was transaction in the market every day, but now lately she said there is rarely movement in the marker, so money just sitting there, and we hardly talk about mt5 or investing. What are your thoughts?

    • I think it will be impossible for you to withdrawal your money and she will say that you have to put 5k USD minimum to withdrawal (to avoid money laundering)
      Try to tell her that you want to withdrawal because you have financial problems and see her reaction. Let us know please

  12. The same story, I also met the Asian woman, pretty pretty by the way, they have a good sales hook, I started with a demo account and when I saw the results I decided to invest the USD5,000 they ask to start, when the account was at 31,000 I requested a withdrawal of usd8,000 and from there began the apologies that my account was frozen and that I should transfer 20% of the total account, it is also the same story the guy who has been in the media for more than 20 years helps him with signs …
    she´s instagram account: @josephine.cheung.963

    Does anyone know her? will it be the same person?
    Athena, Minnie, Baba, Josephine, are these names familiar?
    Best regards

  13. Same story here. Lady called Wang Shiqi. Admitted she was in Hong Kong. A lot of none trading talk then got me to sign up to MT5 on demo account. Felt fishy so I found this. No money lost. Very convincing scam though. Glad I trusted my gut on this one.

      • A girl here, similar story a guy has been grooming me to invest, acting all bigshot and etc, got me creating an account I ended up barely doing anything on it I need to learn more. Also Chinese, saying he is in sydney, and a few days ago he sent me a result of his trade and he forgot to remove his phone provider. Said Laos GSM

        • Hello
          I meet with bthe same situation and now the try to threatening me
          I want to share information with another victim and add to WhatsApp group

  14. I know Athena too !
    That’s the girl who is working for eternal Wealth. So you guys are saying that you did withdraw your money and that worked ?
    So it was not a scam for you??

  15. The girl also sends pictures of her life from time to time, is that what happen to you guys? I think she tries to create a love relationship so you can trust her more.

  16. Beyond the description of the method which is always the same, recruitment on social networks, pretty girl with a banker uncle, it is now important to know on which type of account the service of eternal wealth asked to make the money transfers, which company, which bank and to know for those who could make a withdrawal, from which company and which bank the transfer came. It is by exchanging this data that we will be able to pool our efforts to recover the sums.

    • That’s a very interesting idea. My brother is actually having the same issue with a Chinese girl in Paris named Ayleen. The fact is that I was the one sending my money to my brother for the trading $5500. Now my brother is trying to make a withdrawal but the trader is asking him to be patient. I don’t know what to do to have my money back.

  17. Hi Guys its all confusing. I also met a girl on seeking. com to be precise and most of you might have met these colourful girls on this website. I have invested more than 86k. Except this Marshall guy who claims he had successful withdrawal, all others expressed your concerns. I suspect Marshall may be writing reviews on behalf of the company. Now I am worried. After reading all your reviews I think I have lost all my money. I will apply for 10 k withdrawal and see what happens. I will keep you posted

    • me too, i met Emily on seekng arrangement and after 5 days,she tolk me about MT5. It’s the same story. Its a scam.

      • I had a lady called Keiko contact me. Have been talking with her for the past few months and she has an uncle who has spent 20 plus years on wall street. These people are very good at what they do. I got scammed and tried to move my money. Now I dont hear from them.

  18. Can you ask Athena for more information? full name, social networks, all the information, my account was frozen and they do not respond, I have 31,000 in the account and this company does not respond to me, they are a scam

  19. Marshall did you pay 20% to withdraw your money ?? I think you are an accomplice …. no broker can ask for a percentage so you can withdraw your money, nowhere on their website do they say that to withdraw funds you must pay a percentage to collect your money.
    What country are you in, Marshall?

  20. I think that Marshall is an accomplice too, with the same kind of English as those girls “Do I need to be lucky too?”, which seems to come from a random translator.

  21. Me too I met same lady from China but can’t withdraw the money she told me must purchase bitcoin from other website then she will approve for withdraw so I told her fuck off scammer will not paid any more , means lost all my money already pending in MT5 platforms ETER

  22. hi anyone made deposit thru Telegraphic Transfer? Can anyone share the name of the person account? I just want to check and verify.

  23. The so called Emily girl says she is in Paris now and living with her aunt who is married to a french guy, doesn’t any of you got the same story?

  24. My girls name is Nicole and she is living with her aunt in Berlin. As I asked her about the suspicious charts they use, she said that she uses the platform for more than one year and didn’t have any trouble… as an accomplice of course she didn’t have any trouble. She can’t gave me an explanation about these curious charts, only that she didn’t look after other charts. After I confronted her with the facts, 1 day later my demo account was deactivated. She didn’t wanted to videochat with me the whole time, her excuse was that her cousin died by a car accident because of videochating with her. Seems the story is always identical

  25. Hi guys! As we are all victims of this gang of scammers, we need to make sure that they won’t be able to proliferate their fraudulent activities. Is there someone who already reported this to the police? I am willing to cooperate and provide the details of their transactions. They provided me some bank account numbers where I can deposit money. I think that would help trace these people.

    • Hi Michael,
      agreed to actively collaborate. I filed a complaint with the HK Police through my law firm in Hong Kong. I made several payments to two companies indicated by ETER customer service, HONGXIAO TRADING CO LTD HSBC account and HAI CLOUD EXCHANGE DBS account, I was able to freeze the latter bank account. The contacts are
      WHATSAPPS: customer service +852 5494 1758

  26. Personally, I am certain that they are well organized swindlers since everything continues to work despite the various testimonies and plaints to the police.
    The payments were made at the request of the customer service first on a registered company SFC HAI CLOUD EXCHANGE which is a company named HONGXIAO TRADING CO LTD. Once paid, the MT5 account was charged and the MT5 account was functional. The girl made me deposit money directly into my dMT5 account and now she is demanding that I pay back. ETER then blocked the account by operating the fake transactions at a loss to justify that the withdrawals could no longer be made. ETER had asked me to pay 30% tax to another private company. The Australian company was sold to 3 chinis two years ago and there is a real connection between all of them. Moreover the former manager of Eternal Wealth group ltd who sold the Company to the 3 Chinese shareholders is still in touch but hides the truth.

  27. Does anybody noticed that Marshall and Johann always reply at the same time (15th July and today). Seems they are one person.

    • hello Josh, were you able to withdraw from you account? I just go into this a month ago and am now getting the run around when trying to withdraw money from my account.

  28. Can you please include these bank accounts?


    D H S account: 3708363936401
    IBAN: AE840340003708363936401

    USD account: 3708363936402
    IBAN: AE570340003708363936402

    Euro account: 3708363936403
    IBAN: AE300340003708363936403

    GBP account: 370836396404
    IBAN: AE030340003708363936404


    Account: 796-133494-883
    Swift: HASEHKHH
    Bank Code 024

    Account name: Qing Chengxiang
    Account Number (IBAN): LT72 3120 0238 1000 0081
    Bank Name: UAB Paytend Europe
    Bank address: Pamenkalnio st. 25-1, LT-01113 Vilnius, Lithuania

    Account Name: Feng Wenwu
    Account Number (IBAN): LT063120023810000784
    Bank name: UAB Paytend Europe
    Bank address: Pamenkalnio st. 25-1 LT-01113, Vilnius, Lithuania (LT)

  29. 只要提取一点资金,就可以收到,但是提取全部资金将会被拒绝,这是骗子的套路,让我们更加的相信这是一个好的平台,他妈的

    • Every time they give different remittance account, different bank. Why can’t someone local give a complaint to Hong Kong police please. Its 100% scam

  30. It’s a SCAM guys! A girl finds out of no where. Strikes up a relationship with you and wanted to show you how to make money. Really? Why would she do that? Exactly same is happening to me right now. But I googled Eternal Wealth and got found this. I told her I would not do it and she started to get all upset. Asked her why she wanted me to do this so much? She said I am too negative and would not talk to me. It’s a complete SCAM!

    • I lived the same scenario and I launched into a large scale procedure because I lost a lot of money and so I won’t give up.
      What is the surname of the girl. I harpooned myself in Seeking Arrangement.

      • Me too I won’t let them with my money. I first asked my brother before sending him money and he said that he has done some research in France and didn’t see that. I made my own research and found this but it’s was late, I’ve already sent 5500$ and I want my money back

  31. Hi Matt, Recently at least 5 people have contacted me regarding
    Eternal wealth Pty group limited Hong Kong. Unfortunately I think this is a scam. This is not our business and they have cloned our business name and AFSL licence number.We do not trade commodities or forex, have no web site and no trading platform.As a responsible officer for Eternal wealth Pty group limited, I have asked the ISP of the offending web site to take the site down. This has not yet happened. Hope this helps
    Simon Ibbetson
    Eternal wealth Pty group limited
    Sydney, Australia

    Hi guys here is the proof from original Eternal wealth Pty group ltd. So this Hong Kong website of EW looks like a big scam

    • look at internet site:
      same reference to the ASIC license of Eternalwealth group PTY, identical photo, identical organization of the site!!
      curious coincidence

  32. Bank Name: ADCB(Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank)
    Account Name: Yuanyuan Su
    Account Number: 10311377810001
    IBAN: AE870030010311377810001
    The remittance purpose is optional, family support, reference information, write house rental. They sent Me this bank acc, is personal acc .then iaskwd them if İ pay tax why i have to pay sbdies personal acc as agamily support or rent Mia and Andy just wait my action This personal acc Hokders name is for me starting point

  33. To Simon IBBETSON
    You are at last reacting on this forum.
    You were alerted by a lawyer since May 2020 on these scams using website and your ASIC license but you didn’t cooperate with him and your answers were vague and evasive.
    You say you are a responsible officer of Eternal Wealth Pty Group Limited.
    When you knew what was happening have you immediately reacted and filed a complaint to the police to avoid new scams happen?
    You are today saying that you have requested from the ISP to shut down the website … but they didn’t…
    Of course! Why should they voluntarily shut down a source of illegal revenues?
    They will do it only if they are forced to do it by the police or by a court decision following your complaint.
    With your inaction you have permitted these scams to happen again and again all using the name of your company and your ASIC license number.
    You knew this was happening, but for unknown reasons you didn’t move. This might become your responsibility.

  34. Bank name:The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
    Swift Code:HSBCHKHHHKH
    Bank address:1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
    Payee Address:No. 8, 11th Floor, Honghui Industrial Building, 29 Liuhe Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon

    Bank Name: DBS BANK (HK) LIMITED
    Bank Address: 18/F, The Center, 99 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
    Beneficiary Account Name : HAI CLOUD EXCHANGE (HK)LIMITED
    Beneficiary Account Address: 1901, 19/F The Sun’s Group Center, N°200 Gloucester Road, Wancai, Hong Kong Kong
    Beneficiary Account Number: 7996020158535

    Bank name: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
    Swift Code: HSBCHKHHHKH
    Bank address: Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
    (can be employed by a space. If the account name is too long,you can continue filling it into the address field.)
    The Account number: 143135523838

    • Same story,„ Lil lisa“ contacted me on Loovo. Lives in england also englis numbers +44 7846 326322
      and told me that she searches for relationships in germany. After a while send me their trades.
      Told me to open an account always winning…
      Send me contact data of the Eternal Wealth group customer support
      MT5 Eter-Customer service
      +852 5571 2461

  35. Same story, same scam.
    We need to communicate with each other only with the whatsapp group. They read us here. So we can exchange information and we can coordinate to make a single international investigation, which will lead to the arrest of all these bastards. What do you think?

  36. Also I was aboutbto be corned bybthese scammers but before I deposit any money I check if the brokers are legit till I came Here n saw this comments…I met the lady on Social media She is Called Nancy oe Sonny she has been showing me her trades how she is making thousands of Profits n telling me to join Each n everyday its been a week she told me to deposit $1000 but my instincts were telling me its aint right…this was the bank Account watch out guys YANJI
    account:292 864 691 71
    phone:+00852 93154042
    Bank:Standard Chartered Bank(Hong Kong) Limited
    Bank address:12Fr Standard Chartered Centre,388 Kwun  Tong Road,HK
    Swift code:SCBLHKHH

  37. Dear Fellow Scam victims,
    I am sitting on a 131k USD Account I can withdraw until I send 26% Tax to EternalWealth….. After Reading all your comments I am really sure that this is SCAM from Chinese mafia.
    I wrote @MARK an email with my details, to be meaner of the WeChat group about taking action against the HongKong gangsters. ( In my case its Athena Chang).
    Will write Details of my story in WhatsApp.

  38. Hi guys please congratulate me for getting scammed. I lost 87 k in 2 minutes because I followed the instructions from a girl I met on seeking arrangement, her name is Amy 05/15 or Amy 888999 on SA. I followed her instructions as usual, all of a sudden no activity, then it showed my balance as -27,823 USD, the lady sent me a screen shot saying that she list 1.6 million USD. The trade was done 14.20 Beijing time. After exactly 10 minutes I received a text message from Jack the customer service guy for ET , the message is as follows
    Hello, at the time of settlement, we detected that your account has suffered a liquidation due to your operational errors. Please pay off the owed funds within 15 working days as 27458.3USD
    These people are big fraudsters. They are using some kind of fake robot to show the activity. These robots are as cheap as $1000, the real account they show is a fake one. They make you put more money, then one day the lady will give wrong signals and you loose all your money. The lady Amy put 36k on my account to show that she’s is helping me. Its all fake. I am so embarrassed that I got scammed. These cheaters are earning 100s n thousands of dollars every week plus they must be doing money laundering using our legitimate money. They have devised a perfect plan with disclaimer or they make you loose all your money. Looks like African + Hong Kong team working to gether. The lady you may be chatting may be fat ass guy, using stolen pictures of pretty girls from social media. This is a biggest scam. Someone should stop this. Its disgraceful

  39. Where are the victims who wanted to open a what’s app group and file complaint with hong Kong police? Have you all given up. This broker is a clone of the original company, they are trading outside the jurisdiction of Australia, not licenced by SFC hong hong. To open a platform on MT5 you just need a registered company limited.How can we allow these fraudsters to continue cheating people using some pretty Chinese girls pictures?

  40. I was approached on a dating site and quickly led to the subject of FOREX trading. Yes I was also told she had an uncle in IFC who had special knowledge.

    I was also shown the Demo account in MT5 and shown a “real trade” where she earned a significant profit.

    She then tried to get me to create an account with Eternal Wealth via a Customer Service department on WhatsApp

    I am a lawyer who has worked on a significant fraud case in recent Times so it was all vaguely familiar.

    I did not invest but I am happy to share my storey if it benefits anyone.


    • Mike
      you have apply to Andrea who is the administrator of our Whatsapps group. You will need to provide your photo ID. I see you have a phone number in Hong Kong.
      We’re expecting you.
      ANDREA +39 349 849 1694

      • Can some please contact me. I would also like to be part of the group but for reason I can not add Andrea to my contacts??

    • Hi Nai, i have a similar story. I started researching in the middle of it. We already made transactions and i lost my money now they told me that i own mt5 almost 20000$. i said I don’t have the money and i’m not gonna pay it. They say we might sue you. Now the guy telling me that he’ll pay my debts. I’m still talking to him to see what will he bring next.

  41. Hi everyone

    Since 14/7 I started contract with a business men from Hongkong He claim that he is in Berlin for business reasons and wants to develop a serious relationship with me after we have chatted on Instagram for few days. He made himself sounds like the men who would take care of me for my rest of life and want to offering me good life. Therefore he suggested me to invest on EW with him and he will offer me all of his support

    In the initial order I made a big mistake by pressing “buy” button accidentally. Of course the order made a big loss. He being very kind and responsible that he transfer his ustd to me to cover the cost of my loss.therefore I trusted him even more and deposit my emergency savings around 12000 euro in EW account.

    After this capital was in, he made a big loss around 20000 Which makes my capital completely gone. He told me that he can earn money back in 5 days if I deposit more money in. I don’t want to loss all of my money and emergency savings so that i try to asking money from my family. After I gain money from my family I started doubting about all this matter. I asked him several questions about how to not make the accounts blow up.

    He turn to be very angry and told me that he will take care of it, I just need to concentrate on my life and work. He will tell me how to do . I started fighting with him regarding to his aggressive enforcement of adding usdt in ew platform. At the end of the week I add 20000 more into the account. He also put 20000 into it. After that I barely can sleep and eat.sometimes I cried because I feel bad about myself because I borrowed money from my family and I start searching for information regarding to ew platform finally I found it is a scam. I told him that I’m worried our money cannot be withdrawn. He told me that I was crazy and all the negative information I found was just a attacking from competitor.

    When I suggested on Monday 10/8 to withdraw money, just to try if the platform is reliable.he reported me as a scammer and now my account is locked. During this time the customer services start putting 10000 usdt as a fee of unlocking the account. At the mean time, the guy asking me to return the 20000 he gave to my account. When I told him that I can not withdraw usdt to him because the account is locked and I need to put 10000 usdt in, he pretended that he is kind and will give me the 5000 which in short (he knows that I only have 15000. Left in my bank account, Anyway, I lost the trust on platform and this guy. Because I found that they are working together to sucking my last “blood ” And give me pressure by escalate into “pay In 24hr, otherwise you will got your account pre

    until 4/8 I invested aroun 40000 USD on EW platform. And now ironically been reported as a scammer in a scamming platform.


    • Hi Mai IAM a girl as well I did not invest, my guy has been pressuring me to do so, and we had a fight about it yesterday, it was to a point he is now using emotional blackmail to attack me. I told him I will only invest when I understand all this. Sounds so familiar. Can you guys did me to the watsapp group +66818216916, I have photos I can share of the guy as well

  42. Hi everyone,

    I have just read through the whole post and everything sounds exactly like what I have just been through.

    Can I please be added to the WhatsApp group +61434598114

  43. I Started talking to Amy 30yo from China on tinder. She showed me her big trade profiit from 10 to 20 minute trades usually $7k to 80K profit for the day for 1 to 3 trades. I folowed these trades live as i was in their whatsapp group, i evenbually leaveaaged larger on one of their trades recently and it was one that just did not add up.. The chat room posted a graph after the trade .. entry exit, profit.. The chart was 45minutes old, it went up, while i bougt and the market run down for full 10 minutes of the trade.

    their other 10 trades were accurate to the minute.. My guess is they use a scalping bot, it could also be thier judgement .. doesnt matter they are finding 1 or 2 trades a day to be right for 10 minutes to get us to be interested to deposit money

    what matters is withdrawing profits if it is possible.. seems highly unlikely

  44. Hello fellow victims! I am in the middle of this scam right now and I requested a portion of my money to be returned, just to make sure the wiring process works in both directions. My girl calls herself Ki Ki and Wan Jie. she sought me out on facebook because i have Parkinsons. over a period of about 5 months, she gained my trust and made me believe I can get excellent treatment in China but it would cost a lot. then she offered to help me raise money with the help of her uncle who seems to be well tuned in to the forex markets. I thought I was careful but she played me well over time. This may not even be a woman but men in an elaborate scheme to hurt innocent people. Please include me in this group. lets combine our resources and launch a counterattack. My email is

  45. A chinese woman called “Alice” tries to get money about the broker Poseidon or Eternal wealth. She tells you that she is very rich because she trades with Forex. Don’t trust her! She takes contact about tinder or whatsapp and promise love and a lot of money.
    Be careful!


    This is a worldwide scam affecting thousands of people, in multiple countries,
    with millions of dollars in losses. The only way to shut this down is for victims
    to be pro-active, unite and to contact your federal agency in your country, or
    contact agencies in other countries, to file a complaint and tell your story.

    •IMMEDIATELY STOP SENDING MONEY to these criminals.

    •IMMEDIATELY STOP responding to their threats.

    •IMMEDIATELY shut down, change, remove (as best you can) any and all
    personal information sent to these crooks.

    •IMMEDIATELY contact your local police/enforcement agency to file a
    complaint, and hopefully inflict some pain and monetary suffering on those who
    have defrauded you.

    In the United States, contact the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation-2479 E.
    Bayshore Road, Palo Alto, CA. 94303) Agent: Francesca Chelli Telephone:
    1-408-558-1136 or 1-408-369-8900

    If victims do not unite, do not contact legitimate federal agencies for assistance,
    then those agencies cannot work in a concerted effort with other agencies in
    other countries to track down these criminals and, hopefully, the money stolen
    from all victims.


    • John< are you in the US? you are a victim? I'm and I live in Long Island. I hired a retired FBI agent to work this case as a private investigator. Let's join up to get these scammers. Contact Andrea on WhatsApp to join our group +39 349 849 1694

  47. Please use the updated contacts provided here and disregard the contacts given above, I tried to delete and update my post but I do not know how, can the admins on this website please delete my previous post so that I can re-post and update it with the correct contacts to call if you got scammed in the USA?

    Report a crime-National Threat Operations Center at 1-800-CALL-FBI

    Contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center- the telephone number:

  48. We are many members of this group who have seen our money vanish after transiting into a bank account opened in Hong Kong in the name of HAI CLOUD EXCHANGE (HK).
    HAI CLOUD EXCHANGE is a major financial services institution having all necessary licenses delivered by the Hong Kong regulatory authorities.
    Amongst all current financial services offered to its customers, HAI CLOUD is also offering the possibility to some of its customers, such as the crooks who have stolen our moneys, to use a specific bank account opened at DBS bank in the name of HAI CLOUD EXCHANGE.
    Being granted the right to freely operate a bank account opened in the name of HAI CLOUD EXCHANGE, the crooks can operate without disclosing their real identity.
    We don’t know yet whether HAI CLOUD EXCHANGE has made the necessary enquiries (KYC) and due diligence before allowing these crooks to use their bank account.
    We have filed a criminal complaint in Hong Kong, and investigations are being carried out by the police. We must now wait for the outcome of these investigations.
    In the meantime, it is expected that the Hong Kong regulatory authorities will review the licenses granted to HAI CLOUD because these scams would have never been possible without these unbelievable facilities given by HAI CLOUD to the crooks.

  49. Dear Greg
    Interesting comment!
    I had the same experience!
    I have transferred a substantial amount of money to HAI CLOUD EXCHANGE’s bank account believing that this is a reliable platform to make FOREX transactions.
    When I asked HAI CLOUD EXCHANGE what happened with my money, their lawyers answered that the HAI CLOUD’s bank account were lended to some of HAI CLOUD’s clients with full authority to operate it.
    Their lawyers refused to disclose the name of HAI CLOUD’s client who obviously are crooks. I filed also a criminal complaint. HAI CLOUD EXCHANGE must by all mean be sanctioned and stopped from allowing anyone to freely use to their bank account. This is a matter of public financial security.

  50. Pattern:
    Chinese girl speaking english
    HongKong or ShangHai
    More than 5k USD
    Eternal Wealth and MT5 Demo
    Magic Huncle
    Earn money easy
    She puts a lot of pressure on open account on that broker
    She teach us or lead us to make operations on MT5
    MT5 Demo operations with very high eficiency

  51. I was recently asked to transfer money on this account

    Payee Name(recipient’s Name)
    Long Zhou
    SWIFT code/BIC
    Beneficiary Account(account number):
    routing number/ABA
    Beneficiary Bank(recipient bank name):
    East West Bank
    Beneficiary Bank Address:(Recipient bank address)
    9300 Flair Drive, 4th FL,EL Monte, CA,91731

    The girl from Eternal Wealth was Linna, the girl I met on social media was called Lilia, Russian speaking girl. Same story with her uncle in UK.

  52. Oh! same story here. Met girl named Linna on Tinder.Good looking blonde. She claimed to Live in Berlin Germany, well she was at least in the same time zone ( i am from Czech Republic ). Teaching me to trade forex via Whatsapp. Otherwise same story, magic uncle with “inside market information” which were never wrong. Of course we now already know it was because we were on rigged Eternal Wealth server!! Luckily i found this page before making any deposit with those damn Scammers! I really hope relevant authorities will take care of them!

    • Am running the same story right now and playing game with her. The girl with the name Linna, lovely blonde, she says she is in Klagenfurt, Austria. Has an uncle who has internal information and helps her getting great money each time of trading.
      She was very “helpful” in teaching me trading (like i wouldn’t know, hahaha)
      Generally, it is very good organised pattern, because i am at the same time talking with 7 other pretty girls from Hong Kong, who are advertising different investments. Mostly in unknown cryptocurrencies. It seems this is an international well organized group which is working on different platforms and under different names and brokers. I can loist min 5 different brokers , app of them are without licence.
      With Linna (her WhatsAapp number: +852 6588 5865, have a couple of photos as well) i am going to try to meet in Klagenfurt for weekend. since i am not far from there. Today i refused investing without making detailed checking and she became very angry. I only hope she will want to talk with me further so i can play the game to the end.
      My advise, don’t loose your time and money with it and report them to the HL police immediately when you get the names, bank accounts and phone numbers. I will do that too.
      Good luck.

  53. Hello everyone,
    I’ve meet this super attractive Taiwanese girl named Bebe on Tinder (only had 1 photo in her profile).
    We talk on WhatsApp and I phone called her once.
    She sounded indeed like a Chinese/Taiwanese girl.
    She has been married 5 years ago but divorced after one year because she had been cheated.
    Owns a beauty company/shop that is now being managed by a professional company.
    She is now in Milan, Italy looking to expand her business.
    After sometime of chatting and promises of wanting to find “true love”, which seemed way too rushed, I got the first print screens of how she is making between 5000 to 8000 US dollars on Forex.
    Like mentioned here before, her “uncle” who studied in Harvard, worked in Wall Street and was hired by the Hong Kong government as a senior manager of the Hong Kong International Finance Center is giving her “inside informations” on how/when to invest.
    She explained me how to setup a demo account using the Android app MetaTrader5 and “Eternal Wealth Group Pty Ltd” brooker.
    For 2 or 3 times I’ve followed her precise buy/sell tips, “winning” every single time!
    She told me how she never lost money, had been able to compensate for all the money lost with her company due the covid pandemic and gives to charity in poor countries.
    Then started telling me to create a real account and how we should invest and make money together (starting with 5000$ like her good girl friend did).
    I told her I could maybe used my online banking to invest on Forex but she recommended me to use her MT5 Eter-Costumer service specialist instead.
    I wrote on WhatsApp to that phone number receiving a link to a website to create an account and register a real account.
    I only spent 30 seconds on that website which seemed suspicious and not professional at all.
    That’s when I decided to Google it finding this forum and how everything is a scam.
    I still chat with this girl and around once a day she asks me if I’ve already registered… telling me I need to send my ID card scanned.
    The photos she sends me are from a real-hot busty asian girl but some are a bit pixelated indicating they were probably copied.
    I’ve asked her to video chat but she said it was inconvenient and that wanted to keep that for a 1st real meeting.
    I told her I’ll invest using my online banking instead, because that makes it easier on taxation (BS).
    She replied I will only receive her information if using the “real account” from her specialist and how banks don’t allow leveraging and bigger profits.
    It was curious that her bad english became a lot more proficient when describing financial jargon.
    She continued insisting till giving up and saying that she was busy and we would talk the next day…

    The customer specialist phone number and registration website:
    MT5 Eter-Customer service: +852 5571 2461
    Registration link:

    • I convinced her to share her live location on WhatsApp.
      I now have the coordinates and address of the apartment building she was at in Milan, Italy.

    • Mad
      We must of been talking to the same girl but with me her husband had died in a car accident while on a video cat to her and she used this as an excuse not to video chat.we met on bumble dating app.
      She claimed she was in England investing in a factory to expand her cosmetics company which she had in Hong Kong and Shanghai. She then said she had to go back to Hong Kong as her dad had been taken into hospital this happened when we were making arrangements to meet.
      We had been chatting for over a month she had mentioned mt5 and how she was using the money from this to expand her business she had sent me many pictures and videos of her and her 2 children.
      The uncle story also came into play.i also followed her trades in the end I agreed to set up a real account and got very suspicious when the account that ihad to put the money in had no connection to Eternal wealth this is when I came accross this blog. So I played her on a bit saying that the bank did a security check and advised against investing in this when I told her this she was saying every angle to try and get me to transfer the money in the end she seems to of given up that was yesterday so I am waiting to see if she comes back to me but I suspect she may have given up now..

  54. Iv been talking to a lady and very similar story she leads you on with stories of her family and how she is wanting to come a live with me in the uk she gave me a link to chat to a customer service operator and we set the account up then gave me an bank in uk to deposit my money buy the account numbers where a bit strange I said I would have to go to my bank to arrange the transaction.
    It does seem a bit of a long winded scam to wind you in.

  55. Hello again, i posted my experience already at post #63. If you have read through the comments this far, then you are probably in the scam. If so,i am sorry. If not, then run away from your pretty or handsome contact who is a professional master manipulator and chronic liar! DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY WHATSOEVER! It’s a one way street. Once in you will never be permitted to withdraw your investment. If you are involved. The most important him to do is report it to local police and the HONG KONG POLICE CYBER FRAUD SQUAD. Contact Andrea on WhatsApp to join our group +39 349 849 1694

    • Marty Bev
      I just made the live/real account
      No money has been exchanged as I got very suspicious at the account they wo Ted me to put the money in. On my research since legit brockes have you put money in the brockage account which has the company name unlike eternal wealth they seem to use all sorts of names and different banks the one I had was called the currency cloud and had a really weird account number this is what rang alarm bells

  56. I do not intend to put any money in but I am playing with here leading her on saying my bank is doing security checks on the company. She has been trying to get me to change my bank.😂😂
    I have loads of pictures and have had phone calls with her but she will not do a video call claiming her husband died in a car accident while she was on a video call with him while he was driving she calls herself yang lili. I will see how far I can go without putting any money in befor she gives up

  57. I have fallen for this scam as well. No women involved. But by a guy named David. I first invested 10k to feel it out for a month. Everything was going great, so I invested 30k more. In the process of following trades with this guy “David” I found my own trading strategy and started trading on my own. I took my account from 40k to 8.5 million. I am now in the process of making my first withdrawal for100k. Now it seems I am getting the run around. This is how I ended up finding this website and complaints.

    I can’t believe after 6 months, this is how all of this is going to play out.

    • I just started with Eternal Wealth Group 6 weeks ago and after making good profits I went to make a withdraw and have run into road blocks on the website, they are now ignoring me. Thanks goodness I found this site today. Am now joining the whatsapp group to help put this company out of business for good.

    • It is obvious that you have encountered a scam, if you need help, please contact me, I will provide you with help and answers

  58. Hi guys, very similar experience with Eternal Wealth Group Pty Ltd although I have not yet fallen for the scam, a woman approached me on a dating site and she is sharing her life in Guangzhou, china through whatsapp. She was always eager to “show” me trade on the mt5 platform. In her story her aunt or some family member works at a bank of china. She is contacting me often and we did a few transactions on the demo account already. It seemed too good to be true so I compared the charts to the ones the app shows you. Of course there’s discrepancies.
    I hope no one else falls trap to this. If you believe I can be of some help please let me know. I didn’t reach the point of the scam just yet but now know it was too good to be true. I’m sorry for those who have fallen to it with their hard earned money.

  59. Hello to you all.

    If you have your own trading account, get in contact with Australia Numer 1 Forex Trader. For %50.00 per month they send you leads on when to buy or when to sell stock as in curreny trades and in gold trades. Keep your funds in Australia for Australians.

  60. My friends and I have no problem to withdraw money from my account up to $7000 so far .

    Also I was able to find their license number from ASIC. Here is the right link:
    Then enter key words “ eternal wealth”, select register “ Australia financial services licensee”

  61. and here’s the next jackass.
    i am only affected with a small amount of money, but that doesn’t make it any better. when trying to withdraw money, i also get a specious answer.

    “Dear customer, we only support U.S. dollar cash withdrawal at the moment. Please provide a bank card number that can support U.S. dollar collection.”

    i think the money is gone. do i have to pay attention to something? Can they still demand something from me? Should I simply delete the account in MT5?

    the decoy is also Amy, 30 years old from hong kong. current mobile number is +852 9856 2194
    the trader who loads the money onto the MT5 account is called Penny +61 451 122 973

    my bank had alerted me to a possible fraud.
    A picture search with the Whatsapp pictures showed that they were collected from various accounts.

    has anyone got an advice for me?

    • Hey, how did you do the picture search?
      The story is pretty similar to mine. My Amy is called Alysa, 30, lives in Paris but is from HK. She has a +852 phne number but not the same as your Amy.
      My trader is called Annie and has the same number as your Penny.

      • via the image search of google.

        if you click on pictures in the google search you will get a camera icon in the search field. if you click on it you can upload a picture. then google will search for the picture.

  62. Hey there,

    did anyone of you ever had losses with these trades?
    I was contacted by that girl in Paris, too. She was called Alysa. I followed her trades on a demo account on MT5 and everything looked fine.
    I then invested around 3000 € and it worked 2 or 3 times. But the last trade did not work out. The trade was stopped out and my balance changed from +4800$ to -5000$. Now they wanted me to pay these 5000$. I even tried that but when I transfered the money my bank called me and told me that this remittance looked strange. I told them the whole story and they recommended me to stop the remittance. So I did. But the question is if I have to pay these 5000$ or not.

    Did you all work with a broker called Annie?

  63. Hi,

    First of all, I am sorry that so many on here got scammed out of real money via this scheme. I am in the middle of the same scam but am lucky in that I have not parted with my hard-earned cash.

    There were a lot of things that seemed fishy when I first registered with the broker Eternal Wealth of which most things have already been mentioned in this forum anyway, but I wanted to share my story on here as well to make sure that no one who comes after me falls for the same scam.

    So, I met a beautiful girl on Tinder. She was pretty, sweet, generous, funny. The whole package basically. Her story is that she is the CEO of a beauty and fashion company that is selling to the Chinese market. She is a single mother of a 3-year-old son and is divorced. She has a nanny, seems well off, and, yes, has a successful uncle who is a former Wallstreet FX trader who tells her every now and then about upcoming trades in the markets, which are apparently “hard-won”.

    She has a success rate of 100% (the first alarm bell in my head went off after hearing that. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is), she only trades for 15 minutes at a time, which basically makes these trades ‘risk-free’ (her words not mine). She would tell me how she is making 100k from 160k principal on a typical trade and that her uncle will simply tell her what to buy when to hit the “blue” or “red” button in MT5 to enter the trade and which button to hit to exit the trade.
    So, yeah, this story is great because you won’t bother questioning her about her knowledge of the markets as she simply follows her uncle’s orders. The sweet, naive, good-hearted girl who does as her uncle tells her.

    Anyway, so, she tells me to download MT5 and trade with her on the demo account and the trade is indeed successful. I made 19k in 5 minutes, the second time I traded on the demo account again and made around 20k. Yes, at this point, my gut was telling me that this is too simple but I guess greed usually kicks in at that time, and in my mind, I basically think that her uncle might just be well connected and has insider information that he is trading off. Not that far fetched actually to think that traders have access to that type of information.

    So, she gives me her account manager’s contact details on Whatsapp and tells me to contact him in case I want to open a real account.
    When I contact him, he asks me for my name, email, address, and a copy of my passport, which I then give him, and voila, 10 min later, I am registered. At this point, my alarm bells went off again big time as I used to work in finance and banking and have my fair share of experience with financial services companies, brokers, and, most importantly, I know how risk-averse finance people are and how religiously they follow AML and KYC policies to the dot. So, as you can imagine, I was baffled when my account was opened with no proof of address document, no signing of contracts, and basically all the due diligence that a financial services company would do and all the hoops they would make you jump through just so you can open an account. Yes, finance people are a pain in the ass when it comes to KYC and these guys just gave me an account like that.

    Also, their website looks super dodgy and when I asked for the login details (after successfully registering via, I manage to log in and see my user profile set up in the worst possible way. The country of residence was Australia, which it is not (I am in mainland Europe) and basically, the whole web app looks dodgy as shit. Funnily enough, I now work in IT and know that it does not take a whole lot of work to build a web app like the one that Eternal Wealth has set up.

    At this point, I started to have serious doubts about this broker and did not do much more to complete the account setup.
    Only after repeated nudges from the girl do I continue the setup process. I ask for account details and when I receive them it is a UAB account in Lithuania under the name of Chen Jinquan IBAN: LT433120023810001379 Bank: UAB Paytend Europe BIC: UAPULT22XXX Bank Address: Pamenkalnio st. 25-1, LT-01113 Vilnius, Lithuania.
    I can see from the previous posts on here that a similar bank account was used in the past. Different account number but same bank and a slightly different name.

    So two things that stick out right away. First of all, the account name is that of a person and not the company. Second, the account manager tells me to hurry with the transfer as they frequently change accounts often every five hours or so. If this does not make anyone start doubting the seriousness of this broker, then I don’t know what will, but what makes this scam work so so well is the lovely girl in the background. I had a serious crush on that girl at this point already. This scam works so well because they chat with you multiple times a day for many weeks to build a trust relationship with you. They basically make you fall for them so that your defensive barriers start to fall away. I am sure this is not news to anyone reading this here on this forum.

    Anyway, so when I ask the account manager why the name on the account was different and why they would change accounts so frequently, I got the following answer: “Hello, because we are an international platform, there are many collection accounts, and our daily deposits and withdrawals are huge. In order not to affect customers’ deposits and withdrawals, the accounts are updated from time to time”.
    Makes total sense, right? NOT! This answer makes no sense and one would think that at this point someone with my background/experience would have acknowledged this to be a huge scam, but NOOOO!
    Once again, when a beautiful girl is involved, our brains are just not willing to accept the obvious. LOL.

    I decided to take yet another break from setting up the account, but after a few more nudges from my beautiful dream girl who I was already dreaming of marrying one day (Haha, would be funny if it was not so sad), I contact the account manager again but this time I ask him if I can send a small amount to test if everything is in order with the account transfer, but the account manager tries to convince me that I don’t have to worry about it. I should just send in the min amount of 5000 USD. He seemed irritated that I only wanted to send a small test amount at first.

    Here is their final response: Hello, I told you that because our platform has a large daily flow of funds and is restricted by banks, the minimum deposit is 5,000 US dollars, rest assured that you will not go wrong according to my tips.

    At this point, my brain FINALLY decided to work again and I then started googling about Eternal Wealth again and lucky me I found this forum here with all the posts about similar stories. So, here you go. If just one lucky guy or girl reads this post before they part with their hard-earned cash, it was all worth it. Please stay safe out there and I wanted to remind everyone again one last time: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  64. Thanks for your story. You were lucky because you did not lose money but on the other hand you fell for the girl.
    I lost 3k € but I did not fall for the girl. She was beautiful, no doubt about that. But there was too much Gucci, Porsche and champagne in her life. So I thought I had to tell her that I wanted to meet her but I just wanted to make the money and thought I needed her for that.
    So who of us is better off now? I don’t know. But I hope we all learn from that experience.

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