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By Anonymous, from United Kingdom, October 4, 2020 at 10:45 PM

Cryto Invester (cryptoinvester) link below is from the advert. They used to forward you to, whose domain now no longer exists and so all my money is gone. I have been scammed. I you see an advert similar to Harry and Megan have recommended it and it was shown on the Jonathan Ross show, it is fake, stay well away. That’s how I got roped in. It really is a scam even though their website and emails look very professional. Advert link: Now instead of a phone call, an account it opened for you on and you are requested to deposit money into this bitcoin wallet. So, they are still operating, and doing the next scam. The first link above is crucial. Please thanks for investigating.

Answer: Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Yes, it seems like all these brokers are not legit ones, not regulated. They do not provide any regulatory information as well as their location or contact details. These are the main red flags when it comes to Forex brokers. We would recommend traders to stay away from both AnalystQ and CryptoInvestor as they might run an investing scam.

You can choose from the list of the reliable and regulated brokers.

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  1. Hi guys, I’m currently on analystque trading platform. I’ve been in contact with Oliver Novak. He explained to me that analystq without the ‘ue’ at the end is a scam and I should stay away from them. I’ve made a small deposit and withdrew my profits which Oliver helped me with. It was a small amount however. He also told me they have branches in Europe, Hong Kong and Switzerland. Did any of you guys deal with Oliver Novak?

  2. Hi! I come from Spain.

    I read the Adele situation and I’m being scammed at the same way too.

    It seemed to be reliable and so, but 5 weeks later since I tried to take some of my supposed benefits, somehow, it started to appear some trades risking all my money, and I had to close them since I was “lucky” to detect it.

    Then, I used the 2FA to try to avoid the manipulation of my account by my “account manager”.

    Now, I’m almost writing every day and talk to a supposed “support manager” that says that they are sorry, blah, blah,blah, and that soon a supervisor is going to call me to solve that situation… did someone called you guys?? not to me either…

    Now that I’ve read that, I’ve lost the faith to recover even my invest (around 2500€), but I’m going to try to contact a hacker to track the physical direction of their “company”, and once it is possible to fly without restrictions, I’ll visit them with some friends.

    Maybe I’m not getting my money, but I can’t be silent to this fraud.

    Well, take care with them and If something get fixed I let you know.

    At least, that lost money does not affect my current life, but I guess it will affect theirs.

  3. AnalystQ is a web site that pretends to be an ethical and established business for the investment in Bitcoin primarily but also with some other selected commodities. I invested with this company and after 5 weeks of trying to withdraw money I have had enough. And so, based on my experience with AnalystQ I have placed this information here to assist other potential investors to make an informed decision.

    But it is a SCAM and here is why:

    I invested a small amount to test AnalystQ as a precursor to making a major investment.

    For a while it appeared to go well but then I tried to take a profit, so I closed the Open Trades and tried to make a withdrawal. They continuously denied me this withdrawal.

    On many occasions I contacted their Customer Services who could do nothing but bounce me from one so called Account Manager to another. All of whom proved to be totally incapable of doing nothing but try and get more money from you.

    After many emails and calls to their Customer support service and Account Managers I told them I wanted to close my account and withdraw all funds. At this point Trades kept mysteriously opening in my account. I would close them, then they would open again by themselves after about 30 minutes, over and over again until I gave up closing them.

    But these Trades were different. Before I told AnalystQ I wanted to close my account, the open trades would steadily move upwards. However, after I told AnalystQ I wanted to close my account they were clearly and steadily reducing my funds down to zero. (I have read other people have had this happen to them as well.)

    After 5 weeks of continuously communicating with AnalystQ Customer Service and having been connected to 5 different account managers they have proven to be totally incapable of doing anything but rip you off. It is quite clear this is a system designed to take your money – one way or another.

    The AnalystQ account managers never have a last name just an assumed western first name like Joseph, Billy, Richard, Rachel and Peter, unlike legitimate business that provide full disclosure. They are all keen to talk to you about not withdrawing money and even investing more but they are either fronting for the SCAM or they are totally incompetent, as none of them has been able to do anything but make false promises and then run away and then you are passed to another Account Manager. This is clearly their modus.

    Rachel told me bitcoin withdrawals could be processed in 30 minutes, Peter told me it could be done at the least in the same day. Predictably they both did nothing as did the others, and 5 weeks later I am still waiting. Billy was the most laughable – he actually abused me with foul language and told me he had no time for me. None have proven capable of doing anything but take your money. So if you are relying on these people – good luck, you will need it.

    Given the way they were able to manipulate the trade to make a profit up to the point where I wanted to close the account, then manipulate it to reduce the funds to zero, I do not believe my funds were actually trading. It appears that they have developed a website cleverly linked to real trading readouts that makes it look like your funds are trading, but in reality, they are holding them.

    There are a few websites out there acclaiming the probity of AnalystQ. But if you look closely you will find it is all the same information, usually verbatim. It is most likely that AnalystQ owns these sites or has paid the owners to publish their marketing material so as to appear as a positive review.

    Unlike legitimate businesses AnalystQ does not reveal its location or business address. Traces of their emails indicate that AnalystQ emails originate in Korea. Who knows what jurisdiction they are hiding in.

    Like most SCAMs they only use virtual numbers and do not display their real contact numbers.​

    So AnalystQ is clearly a SCAM to get your money. If AnalystQ is not a SCAM then as indicated above AnalystQ is so incompetent a business that you will lose your money anyway. Based upon the findings above it is recommended to avoid AnalystQ like the plague.

    I am very grateful that I decided to test them out with a small sum of money first!

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