concerned to know if CFreserve legit or scammers in NZ ?

By Dave, from Ireland, July 22, 2019 at 04:30 PM

Please help and advise.

We have paid these people $250 US as a starter but are being contacted by a broker trying to make us look at bigger quantum.

We are new to this and wanted to try the artificial intelligence app on the market. They have not let this happen yet but are pressing us for bigger investments Are these people legit or scammers?

We are in NZ they are apparently in Ireland, Amiens St Dublin https: //

Answer: Hi Dave,

We have had a look at CFreserve. The company is not licensed in Ireland or any other European country or anywhere in the world and has no legal rights to offer financial services. 

We advise you to try and withdraw your invested funds and stop any kind of cooperation with this broker immediately. You can read our full CFreserve review here. 

If you are looking for a reliable broker, check our list of the UK-regulated companies

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