Is winfxe legit?

By Sulaiman Saleh, from Oman, November 13, 2021 at 03:51 AM

Hi, I need to check this platform.

  • Is Winfxe Legit?
  • Is Winfxe Legit?
  • Is Winfxe Legit?
  • Is Winfxe Legit?
Answer: Hi Sulaiman Saleh,

Unfortunately, we are not able to check the website as the login is required. We also tried searching for any kind of information about this broker online, but there was simply not a single mention about this company. We are not sure if this broker is legit and regulated. We recommend you to make a more thorough research before investing.

2 responses to “Is winfxe legit?”

  1. This is real scammers. The platform is a simulated binarian option with pretty fake Analyst that use to post in Twitter to attract investors or traders.

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