Is legit or not?

By Debayan Sarkar, from Denmark, February 6, 2022 at 01:53 PM

I have been trading with this broker ( for last 2 months, I have seen amazing results in terms of returns. I have only tried 50 USD withdrawal. There are positive as well as negative reviews in trust pilot, but I am not convinced which are legit. Could you please review their platform or the broker to evaluate whether they are legit or not. And also let me know whether any risk factors are there.

  • Is Legit Or Not?
Answer: Hi Debayan Sarkar,

According to the broker’s website, it is owned and operated by FORTUNE INVESTMENT GROUP Ltd., incorporated in the Marshall Islands. Marshall Islands, in fact, is an offshore zone attracting various firms that for the reason or another escape from the serious regulation or compliance to international service providing. However, in the case of the financial investment or trading firms, the company should be a very respected entity, as the statistics show that the majority of non-authorized firms never recovered the sums of investors investments. Therefore, we always advise avoiding offshore or companies with no license as there are too many frauds around.

2 responses to “Is legit or not?”

  1. Complete Scam, I lost thousands upon thousands of dollars plus any “fake” profits, beware – a huge waste of time, money and energy. I am devastate, it has ruined my credit, and maxed all credit I had.

  2. Это мошенники , Я потеряла свои деньги и до сих пор рассчитываюсь с долгами . Не верьте им . Они стараются войти в доверие и очень внимательны и вежливы , но это все лишь для того что бы выманить больше денег. Вы ничего не вернете назад , а они будут придумать новые способы что бы вы еще вложили, например за уплату налога и.т.д.
    Даже противно писать о таких опустившихся людях.

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