Is Wealth Sailing Forex legit?

By Francine Christie, from United States, April 16, 2022 at 01:27 PM

My MT5 changed brokers I would like to verify it.

Answer: Hi Francine Christie,

Unfortunately, Wealth Sailing Forex does not seem to be legit. The broker does not provide any information about its regulatory status, terms of trading or contact details. Lack of regulatory info usually means lack of regulation, and we would recommend to stay away from such brokers. We never advise trading with a non-licensed broker, since the financial investment service they deliver is not trustable. The reason is simple, the broker may promise the most ever competitive trading conditions or the trading environment, yet the trader has no any guarantee from the official entities that oversee the Forex industry. Thus the engagement to trading with such a companies means the trader will believe only on the broker’s words, and of course, it is a high risk.

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  1. I got scammed by a person named Yang Yating. Conned me into a fake relationship. She said she made €1000s using smart investments using wealthsailing.fx platform. Scammed me out of all my money and the platform disappeared. One year later I was scammed again by other scammers probably the same people who claimed they are there to help me recover my money.

  2. Offshore brokers like wealthsailingforex have no withdrawal policy. They often mislead investors to believe they’re something they’re not. If you find yourself a victim of the wealthsailingforex scam, reach out to now for chargeback. You indeed aren’t alone, is there to assist you get your funds back.

    I have flagged more than 20 such Ads on Facebook as spam, FB is still letting them advertise this scam.

    I joined a WhatsApp group via a Facebook Ad. The group had a analyst, few admins and their team members joined as other customers. Total members in the group were over 50. It is a well planned large scale scam. I started with a demo MT5 account to test the effectiveness of their signals. The analyst sent buy and sell signal and showed how easy it is to make money. Some customers in the group bragged about the money they made with the real money account. All this is a hoax.

    Their modus operandi is to have you transfer funds to their crypto wallet. After you transfer the funds to their crypto account, it will not show in your Wealth Sailing Forex account for hours until you contact their customer service. Their customer service will ask you the customer ID of your account so that they can transfer fake currency to it.
    – Wealth Sailing Forex Limited 24 hrs customer service does not exist. You will never get any reply.
    – After you do your initial deposit, you will be pressurized to make more deposits so that you can get more signals every day and make more money.
    – Their customer service will send you buy/sell signals regularly to make your account grow.
    – Once you develop faith in their signals, they will send you a bad signal and make you loose all the funds in your account. At this point, they will ask you to transfer more money.
    – After you have sufficient funds in your account, any request for withdrawal will be entertained after you pay them the commission first. But their customer service won’t take their commission from the WealthForex account as it is not real money. You will be asked you to pay commission from your crypto wallet. At certain point, you will realize you have scammed.
    – Their trading signals/chart is all manipulated. Their trading charts will not match any other broker online.
    – Their trading signals will consistently meet the target 25-30 mins after you receive them.
    – Their charts do not match between MT4 and MT5 apps.
    – I even had TWO customers with US phone numbers in the group contact me personally, shared their profits and motivate me to join the group. You can’t trust anyone.

    Below are few numbers of this scamming group. I had many other groups contact me to do trading with them.

    852 9512 4509 – Lisa
    852 5376 0514 – Yalisa
    852 6484 3562 – Senior Assistant Leyemay
    852 6067 6621 – David Whiston [Impersonating
    434 735 2342 – Michael James
    (914)744-9808 – Mario Tuzzo [US Number]
    639 827 3915 – Teresa
    639 824 6900
    44 7535 287697 – Wendy
    852 5428 6130
    852 9142 5110 – Vivi
    852 5498 8974 – Vivi
    852 9334 2814
    852 9262 9486
    852 5513 0403
    852 6997 9546
    62 831 8023 9371 – Sandy
    62 856-4160-9663
    62 895-0985-2249

    852 6517 2849 – Jack
    852 6991 4557 – Emily
    852 6991 4954 – Emily
    44 7552 670503 – Emily
    44 7538 073040 – Emily
    852 5485 4871

  4. I was scamed by this company as well. How can I get my money back? If you have answer please contact me on telegram vaiz1982.

  5. Yes Annie is another scammer, she was giving me several trades after 2 weeks. She said she would provide me an Analyst to be with, now she said I had tonpay $1,000.00 for only one month. I said I’m fine working with you even if the trades I’m making less profits.
    The big push is on the Analyst was going to make me a better trader. So I could trade on my own. I told her over and over it takes morevthen one month to learn how to trade.?? Very dangerous lady.Take all of your money and you never hear from them again!!!@

  6. The one you say is legit is a scam — I worked with them. They purposely drained my equity and then said I owe them money — while asking me to send them more money and wait for the market to recover. Leave them alone.

  7. They are a scam company. They have a registration on the FINCEN website but that’s all they provide. All of the stuff about demo accounts is true. I deposited $11k. I asked for a partial withdrawal, and they kept giving me “good trades”. Then they gave me a huge trade which totally drained my account in 4 minutes — I lost my deposits plus the approximate $9k that they made for me. Then they said l owe them $6k. Stay the
    f–k away.

  8. scammer

    they AD in Facebook and encourage you to open a demo account in Mt5
    then send you signals and always you win ,but they mess with charts
    charts are NOT real charts.

  9. Don’t confuse with Wealthsailingforex limited, the latter is scam company, the first I’m doing business with and they send you your money in 24 hours or less and encourage you to withdraw your original investment as soon as your account grows so you are only trading on profits. Kelly is my account manager and she has been wonderful to work with. I had been scammed before twice lost about 62 thousand on those, I hired a recovery company to go after both of them
    Bill M.

    • this is a scam mode
      I met a woman who claimed her name was Jenny/Huang Xiaoyun (+85256924871). She admitted that she was a businessman who owned a cosmetic shop in a mall in Hong Kong. and he asked me to do trading business join broker Wealth Sailing and sent me a signal and made me a big profit and all is a lie that he has made and I have deposited my money for $ 10000. when I want to withdraw my funds, admin support says my account has a problem and I have to add 25% deposit from my funds in the account. finally the woman forced me to finish in order to deposit my money again, because I didn’t want to. The woman had blocked my WhatsApp and I lost my money. I don’t have to go anywhere and get my money back. I hope no one is fooled again like me. Thank you

    • The one you say is legit is a scam — I worked with them. They purposely drained my equity and then said I owe them money — while asking me to send them more money and wait for the market to recover. Leave them alone.

    • Since how long you have been trading on this platform?? May be yiu were able to withdraw only one time, but when you make big investment, they will cheat you.

  10. Definitely a fraud.

    They lure people on Facebook with their marketing team. Then provide a incentive to join by giving a Demo Account and sending trading signals.

    However, the quotes on their broker have wide discrepancies with actual prices.

    They will make you win a few trades, thinking that this is easy.

    But the scam is that once you think you’re ready to make real money, they ask you to deposit to their sketchy broker. Using cryptocurrency of course.

    Then from that point on, you can kiss your money goodbye.

    • Hi Bill, I’m trying to do business with wealth, but on their web main page I read wealth sailing forex limited, now I’m confused, I have a customer service representative her name is Alice, I had a demo account for 3 days but now they want me deposit real money, and they said they charge 10% 15% 20% of commission at the end of the month, does that sound like the same company?

      • Hey bill. Which company did you have success with and which one is the scammers??? I’m currently talking to a woman who claims to be customer service for wealth sailing forex it keeps telling me that I need to start a live account she will send me signals for a live account I’m very skeptical about this

  11. Thank you for this information. I’ve demo trading with one of their brokers? Named ,Catherine she’s been sending me signals to practice with. But, when I tried to look up there customer support, I hit a dead end ? She also mentioned that the company is registered to this supposedly US agency I’ve never heard of WS is regulated by the US government agency MSB I tried to look the company up I got no results she told me I wasn’t doing it right this is the website:
    The US MSB (Money Services Business referred to as MSB) license is a financial license (Most Significant Byte,) authorized and regulated by FinCEN (Financial Crime Enforcement Bureau, an agency under the U.S. Treasury Department).

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