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By Rebecca, from New Zealand, September 21, 2021 at 01:15 PM

I am completely shocked by When I first started using their platform I really enjoyed trading with them. But then as I built up my trading account from US$250.00 to just over US$10,000.00, that is when things took a turn for the worst. I recently requested a withdrawal of only a very small amount of US$100.00 which I needed to include a re-verification from me by way of making a video and reading out a message to confirm the date and time of the video I was making in support of me requesting a withdrawal, as well as holding up my driver’s license in the video, but it was rejected. I requested again and was still rejected. I messaged them, but all I received after almost 24 hours was an email today (Tuesday, 21st September 2021) at 8:34 pm, stating that my account is blocked due to suspicious activity, a security check was applied to your trading account and I will no longer have access to my account anymore. I am currently in the process of filing a formal legal request. After emailing FMA New Zealand (Financial Markets Authority New Zealand), we have confirmed that the FMA recommends avoiding the broker and/or website as it has many known characteristics of a scam. In addition, FMA have noted that the Autorité des marchés financiers and the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de resolution in France have recently published a warning about the website ( operated by FGC AND CPL. I am currently working with an investigative group that is presently looking into the ownership and operation of the organisation. At this point in time, we know and understand the following business details; BinaryCent is a company owned by Finance Group Corp & Cent Projects Ltd based in Vanuatu. BinaryCent is operated by a company known as Suomen Kerran LP, license number SL25219, located at Centre Office, 58A Broughton Street, Edinburgh Scotland. We have an unrelated business partnership with some friends of ours in the UK. They are happy to follow up for us from their end as well and visit the office locations to help with our investigations. Some of their additional websites as we understand are as follows (to be updated and confirmed as more details come to light);,,,, More websites are being looked at, reviewed, and will be added to as we progress. Additionally, If the websites are confirmed to be fraudulent in any way, shape, and/or form, we will submit a legal order to have to websites suspended until they can be verified to be operating according to international and US regional laws or government restrictions. Noting the legal ownership of any and/or all domains are domain registrars and their respective web hosts. They are registered in an offshore registrar in Vanuatu with no actual offices. I hope my frustrations will be able to help others to be very aware and stay well away from Binarycent, their other associated websites, business entities, and their partners.

Answer: Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for sharing your experience, as this information will definitely be useful for the readers. is a typical offshore broker that we always advise to avoid. The broker is owned and operated by Wave Makers LTD, registered in Marshall Islands.

In fact, Marshall Islands is an offshore zone attracting various firms that for the reason or another escape from the serious regulation or compliance to international service providing. However, in the case of the financial investment or trading firms, the company should be a very respected entity, as the statistics show that the majority of non-authorized firms never recovered the sums of investors investments. Therefore, we always advise avoiding offshore or companies with no license as there are too many frauds around.

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  1. What progress have you made since 2021 post ?
    It is october 27 , 2022 , and they just pulled off that “your account is suspended” BS on me today , because I made too much too fast, They claim i could be using ilegal tools ( F them , i can barely turn on my computer )
    If you have any updates , please advise . If you need more help , please advise . If you need anything , please advise .

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