Bethany Roberts

By Anonymous, from United Kingdom, December 26, 2020 at 05:37 PM

Please could you confirm if this broker is legit as I have an account open with them. We communicate through WhatsApp daily. Cannot withdraw bitcoin without going through there system. I have withdrawn £100 and it took a matter of 10 minutes, so not a red flag. Cannot find any reviews only one which says they are a scam.

  • Bethany Roberts
  • Bethany Roberts
  • Bethany Roberts
Answer: Hi Anonymous,

ARK Managment broker does not provide any regulatory information on its website and it really seems that the company is not licensed. They claim to be located in Singapore, however, provide British phone numbers, which is quite confusing and suspicious. The terms and conditions do not mention the name of the jurisdiction the broker registered with. We couldn’t find any information about ARK Managment license or even reviews, that we took as a red flag.

We would recommend you to stay away from this broker. You can try to take out the rest of your money as you may have withdrawal issues in the future.

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